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ORDER FAMILY Scientific name
Artiodactyla Bovidae Syncerus caffer
HABITAT Buffalo are extremely adaptable animals, being able to occupy open grasslands, wooded savanna and thickets.
HABITS Highly gregarious animals, Buffalo associate in herds of up to 1000 or more individuals.
Despite being very aggressive, and extremely dangerous animals, Buffalo are very peaceful amongst themselves. The dominant bull, normally is the oldest bull in the herd.
Both sexes have horns, but those of males are are more robust and heavier. Males can attain a mass of about 800 Kg., and they have a life-span of approximately 20 years.
DIET Buffalo are exclusively grazers.
BREEDING Female Buffalo become sexually matured at the age of 5 years. The gestation period is 11 months, and one single calf is born.


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