For more than 40 years, we have produced American white oak wine barrels. New 15 gallon (and smaller) wine barrels: 3-6 months.

No need for notches or lids. offers Barrel - Hungarian Oak 100 Liters/26.4 Gallons at wholesale prices. They can also be supplied with a rainsaver diverter. l. We Ship our Barrels Worldwide. l.

Studio Distilling - Bourbon and Whiskey 5 Gallon Barrels, Studio Distilling - Bourbon and Whiskey 10 Gallon Barrels, Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels - 10 Gallon, Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels - 15 gallon, Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels - 30 gallon, Barrel Cradle for 5 Gallon Barrel Mill Barrel, Barrel Cradle for 30 Gallon Barrel Mill Barrel, American Oak Infusion Spirals - Light Toast, American Oak Infusion Spirals - Medium Toast, American Oak Infusion Spirals - Medium Plus Toast, American Oak Infusion Spirals - Heavy Toast, French Oak Infusion Spirals - Medium Toast. Shop today! Hungarian

All products offer a variety of options for customizing and branding with your personalized design. Perfect for whiskey, wine, beer, pickles, vinegar, vanilla, decor, furniture ice-cream-making, chocolate, maple syrup, coffee. Browse all of our oak wine barrels, from small oak barrels to large, cradles, and more. © 2020 Midwest Home Brewing, Wine Making, Hydroponic & Gardening Supplies. Our large oak barrels are genuine ex-distillery oak barrels that have been used for the maturing of spirit such as whisky and bourbon. Small wine barrels are perfect for the casual winemaker.

Our American white oak aging barrels are perfect for pros or hobbyists. To fit the rainsaver simply find the height you need to fit the saver at (approx.

Premium White Oak Barrels for All Spirits. They are similar to wine and beer barrels and are ideal for many purposes including garden and pub tables.

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100 gallon oak barrel

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