Adriel has been hunting all his life, enjoys shooting 3 gun, is a trainer for Project Mapleseed and tries to apply a practical point of views to his reviews. I am going to call Sinclair today and have them ship me a new set ASAP. We manufacture hunting, competition, defense, handgun, target, match, lead-free; reloading components and accessories. Back to Reloading Data Personally, I trim to 2.714” using a Lee hand trimmer. I had no luck with it, in fact I crimped the necks yesterday and tossed it in my brass bag. About; Disclaimer; Contact; Log in / Sign up.338 Lapua Magnum - Manufacturer Loading Data. went to use my Redding die set, the directions said to take apart and clean. Their 225 grain interbond might survive impact well given the bonded jacket. Impacting at above 3000 fps can be a bit tricky for a standard bullet, so you’ll need to use a bonded, copper, or other premium constructed bullet for it to stay together if you go with one of the lighter bullets. One inch groups at 100 yards do not necessarily mean 5-inch groups at 500 yards or 6-inch at 600 yards. SIERRA RIFLE RELOADING MANUAL 50th Anniversary Edition - Binder VG - FREE S&H! FTX® (Rifle) 41 Remington Magnum 190 gr. The rifle was an Accuracy International chambered in .338 Lapua.

338 Lapua Magnum 300 GrainInformation  |  Ballistics, Bullet Style:  Custom CompetitionUse:  Targets, 338 Lapua Magnum 250 GrainInformation  |  Ballistics, Bullet Style: AccuBondUse:  Deer, Elk & Moose Sized Game, 338 Lapua Magnum 225 GrainInformation  |  Ballistics, Bullet Style:  AccuBondUse:  Deer, Elk & Moose Sized Game, 338 Lapua Magnum 300 GrainInformation  |  Ballistics. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. They also have a 285 grain BTHP but it’s designed for match, not hunting. I use H1000 and N570 on my 300gr and H4831SC and N560 with my 250gr. for the same reason. Then you can simply dump powder from your powder measure into your scale pan, weigh it, and trickle in the last few grains with a cheap powder trickler,... no rezeroing or math required,... wouldn't that be easier? From reading on a few forums as well as experience with my Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in 338 Lapua, it seems that the Savage chambers are cut a bit tight. There are 1 items available.

I love the fifties, but you have to admit, at times, they border on absurd in a shoulder fired rifle. They also caused fliers in the groups. Load Data: 338 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc. Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles. Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primers were used throughout. Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. You may want to trim much sooner as some users of the Savage 338 Lapua’s have experienced jamming at beyond 2.720″. ELD-X® 41 Remington Magnum 190 gr. I also forgot to add to use Federal Match 215M primers. I recently bought a Savage BA 110 and love to shoot it! Open up the load data page you wish to download. Find the Hunting Gear guy on YouTube, Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in 338 Lapua, Vortex Diamondback HD 10X42 Binoculars Review.

It was so far that it took the bullets nearly three seconds to get there. Stick with Lapua, the best, or Norma.

Most .308 rifles can do half that easily. .338 Lapua Magnum Handloading Data: Warning! The big Lapua is … I recently bought a Savage BA 110 and love to shoot it! I need to find a longer range to really test this gun out. Some will expand, but performance on game is not as controlled as it will be with a purpose built hunting bullet.

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