They hide and cover up the truth. It does not make Alpine a horrible place.

They had also cited a Sept. 11 hearing in which the men and their attorneys were confronted by angry protesters outside the courthouse, saying it showed that holding the proceeding in the same area where Floyd died would be unsafe for participants. what happened to everyone who insisted he was an innocent man falsely accused by some delusional girl crying out for attention? Jon Carver will be sentenced on Oct. 6th.

The court sentences Carver to 1-5 years for each felony to run consecutively. [We are] saddened and disturbed that such a horrific abuse occurred to one of our dear children at our school. Jon was not the only rapist at Alpine. "I think it's deserving -- you can't treat children that way, I wouldn't do that to my dog," said one concerned resident. The responsible parties have been terminated. ALPINE (KUSI) – An allegation of child abuse at an eastern San Diego County daycare center was under investigation Thursday, authorities reported. Please refresh this page for updates on this story. They preach self-forgiveness, good values, and although they'd rather not admit it, a very bias perspective on religion. Thanks to all that supported the victim in this case. Hi, Judge Stephen Henriod set bail at $100, 000, cash only.


After reviewing Carver's file, the Pardons & Parole Board DENIED his release.

I wasn't allowed, because it was "inappropriate". Details may change as more information becomes available. If your daughter is there, take her out immediately.

Every few days asking... wow yikes, hope you file a lawyer for causing bodily harm by deafening noise... Alpine Academy - not providing services we paid for, Sedgwick Claims Management Services - various issues with disability claim, Parcel – Cargo - Courier – Services - Scam – love scammer – social media scam: fake parcel & friend. House arrest or counseling ... think again. All in all, there was a LOT of corruption, hypocrisy, and undeserved punishment. .

The baby's parents were immediately notified elected to keep the girl This is serious stuff. SDSO said the report stemmed from the video posted on social media; the video shows water being poured on a sleeping child. Carver began having sexual relations with the victim in October 2008, according to a probable cause statement. His wife Misty (mkjc) insists that the only thing Jon admitted to was 'touching the victim's butt'. Jon was entrusted with her welfare and he used his position of influence to give this girl priviledges she hadn't properly earned in return for sex. FACT #1: During the early stages of the investigation but prior to his arrest, Carver posted information constantly on message boards and social networking sites about his victim, the victim's family and law enforcement and made repeated accusations and threats to those involved in his case.

All Alpine did for me was make me view things a little differently that's it, other than that people can ### there way through there if they really wanted to.

I know this is hard for you, but you should wake up and start holding the 'right' people responsible for this entire mess, namely Jon. Does she realize her husband repeatedly raped a young girl upstairs in the same house while she and her daughter slept? The Judge will determine the appropriate sentence based on ALL of these factors. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is investigating an allegation of child abuse at an Alpine daycare Thursday after a video posted on social media sparked outrage. At first glance, you’ll know Alpine Academy is different. I didn't go for free. How were they supposed to know Jon Carver was a pedefile and rapist and disgusting and gross? HEAL has received multiple complaints about this program dating back to 2011. In his address to the court, Carver admits to sexually abusing his victim and begs for the court's forgiveness and mercy. That seems like a harsh enough punishment - besides the point that punishment is not the most effective way to change behavior. Dealing with this right now, since July 20th 2020.

According to public records, Jon Carver appeared in court this week and pleaded guilty to 5 felony counts of forcible sexual abuse. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

omg mkjc, you are so in denial. The educational staff/academics seem to be a highlight, but this is supposedly a treatment program. I am re-posting this in hopes people share and see what has happened in Alpine Children’s Academy!! Meagan Wolfe will discuss voter turnout, election certification, misinformation about the election, and possible recounts. Highly dysfunctional and toxic environment, unsure how they actually help anyone. The employees have absolute power over the "students" (i put that in quotations because they are essentially prisoners, vast majority of them did not choose to be there, were kidnapped out of their bedrooms and forced to comply). You're argument that Jon didn't have intercourse and perform acts of sodomy on the minor victim holds no water.

Call it bribery, manipulation, control, force, whatever you want. He was responsible for the daily tracking, well-being and safety of the 17-year-old victim, who lived at alpine academy for several months during 2008. I've done a lot of research on the issue and do not see how, even if all of the allegations were true, it would be necessary in this case. FACT #2: After authorities gathered enough evidence to arrest him in May 2009, Carver refused to cooperate with investigators, denied ALL allegations and 'lawyered up'. DoctorEmu and ADad: there is absolutely no evidence of any similar allegations of misconduct or any sort of innapropriate touching for any other girl he has ever spent time with, at Alpine or elsewhere. When it comes to psychotherapy, I am so far uneducated, but it doesn't take a therapist to realize that not only kids, but everyone, needs both sides of life: the good and the bad. There's no way he would ever admit to something he didn't do. We were dismayed to witness the backstabbing by staff and administration of each other, lack of communication, lack of follow through with providing services we were paying for, lack of parent training, overcrowding, outright denial/deception and lies told to us by the program director, unwillingness to answer questions about why our daughter's medications were repeatedly being messed up, lack of qualifications of individuals making important decisions, and animals not being properly cared for on campus. ADad,

All rights reserved. It’s quick, effective and absolutely free! I say this because yes it is rape because of age difference she also consented to it.

Coming from a former student, I think it'd be much more effective if they taught self-exploration, how to be assertive within the family (I can remember my house parent saying that I could never give my parents feedback unless I was within the confines of Alpine, otherwise it'd be completely disrespectful...), and also, how to be okay with making mistakes. This was no kangaroo court. File a complaint and get it resolved. It also implies that the 17 year old was some kind of predator who took advantage of this man, a GROWN ADULT. The most recent complaint we've received was sent to us in 2015. Out of all the people that i know that went there, I know like two that really benefitted from it.

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