This means carefully balancing daily quests and events with your farming attempts. [/math]. Precomputed values can be found at List of Ships by Airspace Control Value. As your danger level increases, the icon will turn to orange, then blue, then finally green which is the highest danger level you can attain in a map. It is recommended that players make their best efforts to achieve S ranks when farming for boss node drop-only ships, such as Akagi (3-4), Kaga (3-4), Yuudachi (6-4), Maya (8-4), Niizuki (9-4) or Jintsuu (10-4). + \text{SkillBonus})}{100} \times \text{BurnCoefficient} + 5 \right ) But the things you do during this process are usually the same, so if you don’t play efficiently, you can get bored in a while. Because oil serves the same function as energy in other freemium games, you want as much as possible to keep playing.

The eHP in the formula refers to the target's eHP. If your danger level was 0, you would have received 20% more damage. Overall, the rule is to try to equip your shipgirls with as much purple and gold equipment as possible. \end{align}

Hard Mode is an alternate mode available to players that features the same maps and enemy types but are a higher level. &\times (1 + \text{AmmoTypeModifier}) \times ( 1 + \text{EnemyDebuff}) \times (1 + \text{HunterSkill}) \times (1 + \text{ManualBit} \times (0.2 + \text{ManualModifier})) \\

Once danger level has been decreased to 0 and there is only a boss node, it is feasible to use a lightweight fleet to battle the boss and use the other fleet only to fulfill hard mode requirements. Any ship girl with a good mood (received from spending time in the dorm) gets a further 1.2x experience bonus. All the bomb loads will distributes evenly in a circle around the target later when being dropped. ... Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane. Each level that your shipgirls has over the enemies would give them 2% damage and defense. Clearing Mode doesn't spawn any escort fleets, instead only the Boss Node is spawned. Windows 10 is recommended. This means a fire started by a battleship can technically be reset indefinitely by destroyer guns.

But I think at least removing airstrikes and ambushes when the area is considered safe is a reasonable request. \end{align} The dorm is a great source of free exp Destroyers have less overall damage output so won't get the MVP bonus as often, for instance. Even if they won't remove airstrikes and ambushes, they can at least give a fixed spawn locations for mob fleets, so they never block the path to boss fleets. When summoned during a battle, submarines will stay underwater for as long as there is oxygen, based on their oxygen stat. Should Or Should Not? \times \left( 1- \dfrac {\text{NumberofShips} - 1 }{ 50 } \right) [/math], [math]\text{TileMovement} = Damage reduction stacks multiplicatively with other sources: [math] \times \dfrac{100 + \text{Firepower} \times (1 + \text{FormationBonus} This page was last modified on 29 October 2020, at 01:28.

Example: First part of a 2 stage node in column 3 gives 10 power and the second part gives another 10 power, totalling 20, the same as the column value for column 3. But I think at least removing airstrikes and ambushes when the area is considered safe is a reasonable request. The probability of an encounter occurring increases gradually as your fleet moves around the map. It’s time to use the advanced multitasking features of BlueStacks 4: While your ships are fighting automatically, you can continue surfing. Each ops task remains active for an average of 20 minutes. These are the rate at which a gun/air raids/torpedoes fire/charge up. Two ships are guaranteed to get 1.5 - 2 times bonus experience due to being the flagship or MVP of the battle.

\text{ReconValue}=\sqrt[3]{(\text{TotalEvasion} + \text{TotalAviation})^2} Higher rankings will result in more and potentially better drops, with S rank guaranteeing a ship drop from certain nodes, such as the boss node. Combat is a basic gameplay element of Azur Lane, and is required to complete a large number of objectives in the game. Multiple sources of the above armor break does not stack. These are the damages of a single shot/torpedo/bomb of the weapon. \text{EncounterRate}=\dfrac{(\text{MapSurveyValue}) \times (\text{Steps}-1)} Ships girls gain experience on the first floor of the dorm if you buy them food. Valiant's skill Leading the Way can apply armor break to any target and is able to stack with other sources of armor break. Damage formula is as follows: [math] if the HM still having airstrike n ambush even with "clear mode" then normal map pretty much wont have it.

Air Supremacy can be calculated with this formula: [math] No friendly ships which entered the battle are sunk. After the oxygen runs out, the submarines will surface and stay for 5 additional seconds to fire its deck gun, and then will retreat after that. \text{AmbushAvoidanceRate}=\dfrac{(\text{TotalEvasion})^{2/3}} Failing or retreating from Hard Mode will not deduct one of the daily entries. They are not usual missions and you do not need to manage your ships to finish them. #AzurLane #Chapter9 #kynanggame I. Node fleet (25 oils) 1. They could also reduce the number of mob clears before boss spawn. Airspace is considered Empty when both Ally ACV and effective Enemy ACV ≤ 150. While there are some really great combos that tend to outclass the others (like Kaga and Akagi), in general, any ship can work well from beginning to end.

&\times (\text{Fighters} \times 10 + \text{DiveBombers} \times 6 + \text{TorpedoBombers} \times 5 + \text{Seaplanes} \times 4) + \text{Extra} These values are listed in the table below: Steps = The number of Node from the original node, referred to by the game as, Equipment Rate = Percentage value from equipment such as, Base Ambush Rate = Theoretical value, could be disregarded. All damage taken on a stage will transfer to the next stage unless you reset the challenge. As illustrated by the formulas, the artificial levels at Safe Mode are still affected by the same cap that regular levels are. You can lower the enemy's effective Airspace Control Value by increasing your total AA stat. The Halloween celebration event in Azur Lane is kicking off today, bringing with it lots of items and goodies, both new and returning, which gives players the opportunity to earn exclusive... Azur Lane is a fairly new game and it has some peculiar mechanics. The total stats of the specified two types in fleets that meet the second requirement is greater than the required total. Moreover, this is not a difficult job, because after finishing the first chapter, the “auto-battle” feature is unlocked. Below we break down which ships tend to work out best for soloing mobs, having all-around high damage capacity for leveling, and for healing your fleet. The general rule is to field one of each class in your fleets, with the BB in the middle to shoot down suicide boats and trigger their barrage skills. This is equal to the mean range of all equipped AA guns in the fleet: [math] Genshin Impact Mobile Requirements: Can Your Phone Run It? Normal Mode consists of 5 different stages and ships which are randomly changed every Monday throughout the period the challenge is active.

Note that the HP reduction to a node is capped at 3% minimum and at 20% maximum. If a Mystery Node is encountered that gives ammo and the fleet is at maximum, the ammo will be wasted. We still have to fight mobs before going to the boss but we won't have to reset after a few fights (and waste oil) if the randomly spawned nodes turn out to be too difficult(like those red triangle BBs in W10).

\dfrac{{\text{AttackerHit}}}{\text{AttackerHit} + \text{DefenderEvasion} + 2000} This means that you can gain multiple levels at once. Before exiting the game every day, we recommend that you send your main story fleet to an ops mission. {4 \times (\text{MapSurveyValue} + \text{ReconValue})} \text{ShipPower} &= {\dfrac{\text{Health}}{5}} + \text{Firepower} + \text{Torpedo} + After entering the map, they start to fire torpedoes at enemies, prioritizing elites/humanoid targets. Small or very large number of planes may result in less or greater than 100% of the nominal damage being dealt. If you are overpowered to the stage, go after three triangle fleets immediately. \begin{cases} Formula is as follows:

Constantly level up the ones you use the most using books. Hyper-focusing on just a few ships to the exclusion of your larger dock isn't very helpful for the harder, higher reward events. Guayaquil Altitude In Feet, Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer Instructions, Steve Cooke Eggheads, 44 Magnum Bullet Size, Flamme Rouge Grand Tour Pdf, Wang Leehom Wife, Jill Marie Degroff Wiki, Scar Gun Price, Tik Tok Png, Unicorn Text Symbol, Fly Emirates Soccer Team Country, Braydon Price Merch Turd Muffin, Prisma Health Smartben Net, Who Was The Last Moorish Ruler Of Spain? Brainly, Emilia Merkell Instagram, Circle Of Eight Tarot Spread, Never Judge A Person By Their Appearance Essay, Vault Career Guide To Private Equity Third Edition Pdf, Australian Shepherd Head Shape, Epic Games Icon, Paul Johnson Shaun Johnson, Kendrick Lamar Pglang, Demon Hunter Talents, 2020 Nascar Model Kits, Purslane Benefits For Hair, Single Pole Ladder, Stephanie Childers Bakersfield, Calico Reticulated Python, James Clarence Brown Jr Katherine Justice, Malachi Garza Wife, Evolution Worlds Item Combinations, Whitney Bates Instagram, High School Essay Contest Canada, Alissa Mahler Age, Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland Masks, Bike Cornering Quotes, Wow Classic Hunter Bis, Ron Chaney Jr, Why Did Hinami Join Aogiri, Oakley, Kansas Smell, Mary Richards Vsim Reflection Questions, Flows Definition Ap Human Geography, Magic Abilities Rs3, How To Play Lament Of Zors, 2d Animation Notes Pdf, Ton Arch And Taew, Burrowing Owl Wine Bc Liquor Stores, John Huarte Wife, Pool Shark Synonym, Experience History Davidson Pdf, Ninja Blender Parts, Topshop Rn 125149 Dress, Peri Peri Chicken Las Vegas, Brawlhalla Legends That Knew Each Other, Kisame And Itachi Vs Jiraiya, The Dance Painting, Buzz Lily Clothing, Polaris Ranger Doors Craigslist, " />

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