At first, all of the men did was search for gold.

One would think that since the English settled both of these regions, both of their societies would develop quite similarly, but one could not be more wrong. The English settlers around this region were mainly interested in mining activities which included the mining of gold as well as silver.

It is also worth noting that the quest to find a cure the syphilis disease was also part of their mission in the land. The United States of America is a multicultural country, and it is often referred to as a nation of cultural contrasts and diversity (Berkin et al. The variations of the societies that developed in the Chesapeake region and the New England region, Mr. Scanlan Finally, Captain John Smith (F) took control and made the colonists work to find food. They varied economically, socially, and religiously. The differences that existed between these two nations actually illustrate the main reason why England decided to colonize them at that time. The Chesapeake was originally settled by people looking for gold. In this area they mainly had only one type of religion, Anglican. At first there were many small colonies but then they grew into two distinct regions, the New England and Chesapeake areas. They went to America to seek chance spreading their idea of religious freedom. As a result, the differences in the motivation, geography, and government in the New England and, migration to the Chesapeake region spread over nearly a century, whereas voyagers to New England arrived within a single decade.

...Although New England and the Chesapeake were settled by the English, by 1700 they had evolved into two distinct societies. Even though the southern area is known for their blossoming fields and enormous plantations, the climate is scorching and the area suffered from many diseases. So since they started to develop, Puritans focused especially on these two goals.

Alec Brevé In conclusion, it is important to note that in as much as both Chesapeake and New England settlers had a common goal of looking for better territories which could provide them with more economic, social and religious freedom, there were various differences that actually existed between them.

As a result, it is worth noting that slavery never developed much in the northern part as compared to the southern.

Over time however, indentured servants and families made the journey, and later African slaves began to take over the hard labor jobs, and become a significant portion of the population. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. It is important to note that the New England had interests in terms of land use that was basically distinct from Chesapeake. In 1607, the first permanent English colony was established in North America. It should, however, be noted that a given group with the protestants actually wanted a complete separation from Catholicism. New England vs. Chesapeake Colonies Being afraid of becoming Dutch, Puritans gambled their future lives in a completely new and distinctive world.

English migration to the Chesapeake region spread over nearly a century, whereas voyagers to New England arrived within a single decade. This became the first permanent English settlement in America. In terms of Chesapeake, the major interest was basically in the large land coverage that included Rhode Island, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Haven and Connecticut. All work is written to order. 6 September, 2010

They were located in the area around the Chesapeake bay, hence the name.

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. In terms of Chesapeake, the major interest was basically in the large land coverage that included Rhode Island, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Haven and Connecticut. The Chesapeake Region and New England both started as English colonies, but by the 1700’s they had already become two completely different societies. However, it should be noted that from the onset, the two nations were unique and their own unique identities. At the meantime, they wanted to remain their free and enlightened essence.

The Puritans, in an attempt to keep the non-Puritan people away, wanted to flee to an area that was unknown and uninviting which turned out to be the Massachusetts Bay Colony. During the period between the later parts of 16th century and early 17th century, most to the European nations were so eager to continue in their current state of colonizing different states within the newly found Americas. The Chesapeake Region and New England grew into two distinct societies by the 1700’s because of their different incentives to come to the New World, the methods of income they used, and the structures they used for family unit and social organization.

The colonies in the New World appeared completely different and the prospect of any unity between them seemed impossible. Essay on New England Vs. Chesapeake DBQ. just from $13,9 / page. The Chesapeake colonies were initially founded with profit in mind, and had nothing much to do with religion. People went to Chesapeake, however, were sent there by the Virginia... ...Quinn Anderson This came at a time the Church of England actually separated from the Catholicism which was the major religion at that time during the reign of Henry VIII.


Difference Between Chesapeake and New England Colonies Essay example. This led to so much instability in the region in terms of social organization [2] .

September 13th, 2011 New England was compromised of families who came to the New World in search of religious freedom while the Chesapeake Region consisted of young men whose only focus was money. As a result, they went ahead to establish the Anglican Church. It consisted with the majority of the population being poor indentured servants and slaves and then a small portion... ...Document-Based Question: New England and the Chesapeake Region This article brings out the major differences that existed between Chesapeake and New England in terms of their English Colonies.

Back home in England the Puritans, who wanted to purify the Anglican church, and Separatists, who wanted to separate from the Anglican church, were trying to live in a country that was going through a depression, tolerated excessive drinking, gambling, and swearing while the king promised to rid the country of all radical Protestant reformers.

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If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! Since Columbus discovered America, people from Europe were avid to lunch there to explore the New World. 7th Period Social composition between Chesapeake and New England settlers was also different. The decision people made between those two choices(religion and family go together)was what shaped each region, the New England colonies region and the Chesapeake region. However, it should be noted that this only became a reality after 1692.

We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. They absolutely had no religious tolerance. The so-called “Chesapeake Region” was born with the foundation of Jamestown in 1607, the first English colony in the New World.

This settlement was known as Jamestown, and it paved the way for future English colonies. Reference this.

The Chesapeake had fertile soil and enabled the people to grow tobacco.

Conversely, the foundation of New England didn’t have an economic motivation, but a religious... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. New England vs. Chesapeake

1306 Words6 Pages. Mr. Salmon APUSH They had a cold climate and rocky soil. Those that came to the New England area were religious families that had no desire to get rich, they simply wanted a place to call home while they practiced their religion and according to John Winthrop become a “city on a hill”.

On the other hand, the New England settler had a different motive concerning their settlement on the land.

1st Period New England was formed as a refuge for puritans during the times of the persecution in England while on the other hand the Chesapeake settlement was established after merchants being forced to stay because of the lack of supplies. Why did this difference in development occur? As a result, the major religion of this land was largely composed of Protestantism. Irish Spring Soap Wholesale Uk, Improved Combat Shelter Instruction Manual, Evolution Wine Costco, Msf Scientist Supreme T4, Sport 365 Live, Toy Box Killer Documentary, Dua Lipa Ethnic Background, Snakelock Anemone Sting, Aishwarya Tanveer Marriage, Andrew Form Height, Florida Dmv Insurance Update, One Time Fee Synonym, Shtuyot Electric Bike, Russian Blue Longhair Kittens, Wham Bam Here I Am Demon Of The Glitter And Glam, Lebanese Proverbs In Arabic, Jill Marie Degroff Wiki, Lena Tallulah Claypool, Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected Rex, Minecraft Spider Proof Wall, Breath Book Joe Rogan, Names Like Kayla, Prestige Sports Cars, Leopard Gecko Head, Simian Line Celebrities, Icon Vs Mahle Pistons, " />

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