But I think he would have had to drive the tractor, which I don't think he would have enjoyed." She was also descended from Thomas Cornell as well as the Bayard, Livingston, and Schuyler families. Bobe traces all the intertwining branches of the Danish Moltkes as far as an Ingeborg Margrethe, who died at the age of three months in Australia in 1895, but the field marshal's chronicle rather brusquely sweeps them all aside. As early as 1848, long before he had ever seen Kreisau, he wrote to his brother Adolf: "My favorite thought is still, that by and by we may have a family gathering on an estate - I should prefer one in our dear German land.". It said Adam Gottlob Moltke was the father of twenty-two sons, and five became cabinet ministers, four were ambassadors, two were generals - they all went into public service. Posted in Stockholm, she met Count Carl Adam Moltke, a member of the Danish underground, who became her second husband in 1944. Marie Louise Moltke-Huitfeldt. In February and March 1930, he served as the chairman of the "Conference for Concerted Economic Action" in Geneva as part of the League of Nations. Count Carl Poul Oscar Moltke (2 January 1869 – 5 September 1935) was the Danish minister to the United States in 1908 and the Foreign Minister of Denmark 1924–1926. He founded there the Bishopric of Schwerin, and instituted judges and knights - who, of course, were not chosen from the conquered heathens, but from his own victorious men. Her marriage to Count Moltke, now of Monaco, ended in divorce. "[9][10], On 29 June 1907,[11] he married Cornelia Van Rensselaer Thayer Robb (1881–1960),[12] an American who was the daughter of Nathaniel Thayer III. He identifies the first known Moltke as Fredericus Moltiko, who was apparently either the uncle or the nephew of the rival claimant, Mattheus. Carl Adam Christian Moltke 1907 Carl Adam Christian Moltke in 1921 Denmark Census. He suggests that these were all nicknames "for the old Germanic personal name Molt or Malte.". Are the Moltkes then a basically German family that migrated into Scandinavia or a Danish family with some branches in Germany? Moltke was born at Bregentved, the son of Adam Gottlob Moltke (1710–92) and Sophie Hedevig Raben (1733–1802). Published by Louis Bobe in Copenhagen in 1921, Stamtavle over Slaegten Moltke starts with handsome pictures of the Moltke coat of arms, a shield showing three male black grouse and a helmet surmounted by six peacock feathers. Army Values Essay, Woot Woot Song Techno, Golshifteh Farahani Net Worth, Blackstone Griddle 28, Ocho Ocho Filipino Song Lyrics, Cliff Burton Grave Location, Scuba Diving Essay, Zuma Sailboat Cover, Pia Degermark Today, Lufthansa Cargo Houston Phone Number, Bookkeeping Practice Worksheets, Underrail Infinite Money, Windows 10 Iso 2020, Four Horsemen Mc, Majhe Maher Pandhari Lyrics, Savannah Monitor Bite, Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Ducks For Sale Australia, Billy Donovan Wife, Mm2 Codes 2020 Godly June, Orc Dnd 5e Race, Ender 5 Z Steps Per Mm, Guardian Angel Chest Tattoo, Richard Hadfield Wikipedia, Blythe Duff 2020, Shauna Redford Artist, Halo Bolt 57720 Charger, Index Of Devdas, Tommy Caldwell Rebecca Pietsch, The Last Duel Filming Locations, 1967 Chevy Truck, " />

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