Must be nice. He also keeps an $11 million, cliffside Laguna Beach, Calif. vacation home on the side, according to CNBC, which is kind of like saying, "I drive a Prius for the great fuel economy, but I also have a garage full of Hummers for whenever I feel like it." Of course, Annandale was a plantation so forget that idea. Another lived in an airstream trailer until he was finally domesticated by a wife and kids. Asked by the BBC (via Today) why he never opted for more affluent accommodations, Buffet said, "I'm happy there. Deion Sanders On Twitter Looking For A House In Mississippi With These Requirements... Will Kirk Herbstreit Call College & NFL Games? Real small. That's a $255,000 loss for you math whizzes out there. To be honest, we weren't sure you could get an apartment for $500,000 anywhere in the five boroughs, but Dunham somehow found a way. Nonetheless, Michele upgraded to a $3 million four-bedroom in 2015 that reportedly has a two-story gym (since everyone needs two stories worth of workout equipment). In other words: They created the nicest efficiency apartment imaginable.

Even if the rooms might be small, it's still a palace for a Hobbit. It also features a "prison cell sized study" that could be a fourth bedroom (and you can guarantee it would in a Craigslist ad) if you have a roommate you hate or just want to suffer. @daboot but if he was white it wouldn’t be earned huh? It is very nice. Of course, the space was fit for a modest queen. Rather, for a brief time, the "Tik Tok" singer's toothbrush and bottle of Jack were stored in one of the two bathrooms of her 1,400-square-foot "Spanish-style bungalow" in Venice Beach, Calif., according to Popsugar.

Which really makes you think about how fucked you get living in New York. Then there's this little detail: The master bedroom has a "super-sized picture window that provides an all-encompassing view of the backyard as well as a wide-open view of the bathroom from the backyard."

They aren't going to want to be a part of the Deon show. As a result of the awakening, Shadyac sold his mansion and moved into a Malibu trailer park called Paradise Cove — yes, the same one where Matthew McConaughey turned Canoe into a part-time retreat. Must be nice. Copyright @2020 According to Real Estate Stalker (via Curbed), the star purchased the 800-square-foot Brooklyn Heights apartment for $500,000 in 2012. Wentz later listed his Studio City spot for $1.23 million, making it seem like a shanty in comparison. Must be nice. But he should really check his privacy settings before he even bothers. Not quite. I know, Baw. Kesha may wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, but she certainly doesn't do it in the same locale as the Bad Boy founder, who resides in a mansion on Miami's uber-exclusive Star Island. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself.".

Though small, the place was apparently cozy with "a very romantic and feminine master suite" and French doors that "lead to a secluded backyard, featuring an outdoor fireplace and arbor-covered hot tub.". Clearly, this whole "modest house" concept is new to Neon Deion. Unfortunately, this was "the very apex of the now popped southern California real estate bubble," so, when she started trying to sell it four years later, she only listed it at $1,250,000. Variety's Real Estalker blog also got the inside scoop on specs of the "Die Young" singer's digs, and they were less impressed, noting there were "two on-the-small-side bedrooms" and "a fairly puny hall bathroom with white subway tiled tub/shower combo." Why would you suspect they want him to live in the city limits? The guy is an idiot. Prime Time has been know to tresspass for a good fishing spot. The kitchen was dripping in marble, and it had "a solar-heated saltwater pool."

According to, even this was a downgrade from the family's previous residence, a $12.75 million, 29,122-square-foot behemoth in Prosper, Texas. As for the interior, the Fall Out Boy bassist's flat featured "open-plan living," where the "dining and kitchen have a wood burning fireplace and a wall of French doors open to a grand, Wisteria covered veranda." Fox's Glee was a full-on phenomenon that made a capella singing actually cool. Thisfabulous estate is the former home of NFL Pro Football Legend Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders poses with a bust of himself during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremonies at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio, on August 6, 2011. Zestimate® Home Value Chateau Montclair sits on almost 6 acres and overlooks a 10 acre lake in the new exclusive gated community, "The Montclair". I don’t think anything is gated around the res. The real estate site describes the four-bed, three-bath crib as "situated in the foothills amongst a forest of tall trees, waterfalls and exotic plantings." Tom Shadyac may not be a household name, but his work in the late '90s and early 2000s helped define an era of comedy: He directed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor (the 1996 Eddie Murphy reboot), Bruce Almighty, and more. Wood's home might barely break $1 million, but it's definitely big. Deion tweets his list of demands to the universe and watches the offers roll in. I seem to recall on the North Shore though on the other side of the bridge being some new developments that were gated. Mark Zuckerberg's home might be worth $7 million, but there is no way on the planet it would cost that much if it was anywhere but Silicon Valley, where real estate is notoriously out of control.

She finally unloaded the home for good in 2017 when it sold for $850,000. Featuring "a spacious bedroom, spalike bathroom, home theater," and rooftop deck complete with a canvas awning for "a dedicated area for yoga" that also happens to convert into another screen for outdoor movie-watching, this puny pad packs an elegant punch. This quaint charmer, however, was a considerable step down from his previous residence, a sprawling 4,026-square-foot "Spanish-style home" that he once shared with Kristen Stewart, according to Zillow. I'd move if I thought I'd be happier someplace else.". During the time Dunham was subletting her apartment, she lived with boyfriend Jack Antonoff in a $4.8 million Brooklyn four-bedroom. Nonetheless, the actress was living a pretty modest life during her Glee days, which really is perplexing considering she was already a Broadway star at the time. You'd never know it by his home. Christina Ricci might have an estimated $18 million net worth, but she lives pretty modestly regardless of which A-List coast she chooses. In the most McConaughey way possible, he described his philosophy regarding life on the road by saying, "There's an old African proverb — Architecture is a verb." Describing his formerly luxurious "three-home complex," Shadyac said, "I had been in L.A. for 20 years and I still didn't know one of my neighbors. He Addresses The Possibility, Here’s How Much Deion Sanders Will Make Coaching Jackson State, Kirk Herbstreit 'More Open' To Leaving CFB For NFL After Monday Night Experience, Bears WR Javon Wims Reveals Why He Punched Saints' C.J.

He listed the property for sale in 2011. Outfitted with "a satellite dish on the roof," "a barbecue in back," and "book racks and ceiling netting to hold travel literature, journals and scripts," the mobile manse is everything you'd expect it to be. Alas, in 2014, Ricci re-listed the delightful-sounding domicile for $1,695,000, eventually unloading it after almost a year for $1,370,000. "I've always lived in a tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. Here you go Free Shoes...130 Deer Haven Dr., Madison, MS 39110. That's because McConaughey and his wife, then-girlfriend Camila Alves, had just welcomed their first child, so they opted for more family-friendly living quarters by renting a nearby house. Here are celebs who've lived in modest homes, having ditched palatial mansions for everything from Hollywood bungalows, to cozy condos, to a tiny, tricked-out retreat in rural Texas. Yep, two of Daughtry's children had to share a bedroom. Speaking with Elle in 2012, Lawrence shed some light on what her general approach to her living situation had been up to that time. Probably find something on the Reservoir or a large spread out Brandon way. That is an odd thing to suspect. When they split, she purchased a slightly less impressive three-bedroom loft in Williamsburg, which will probably turn out to be much less profitable than her starter home. According to Women's Wear Daily, she sublet it to fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, her then-boyfriend's sister, in 2014. She eventually unloaded the joint for a cool $1.15 million. Three years later, she still owned the place, according to Trulia, who reported that she began leasing it out at the time for $8,000/month. Coach Prime...... We here in Mississippi call mansions, doublewides! Over/under on him lasting at Jackson St. is 2 years. Right on. Boasting a measly — by Hollywood standards — 1,940 square feet, Pattinson's pad only came with two bedrooms and two baths, according to Real Estalker. The star has an estimated $10 million net worth, but at the height of his American Idol fame, he lived just like everybody else.

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