Nancy was often dismissive of her brother, calling him "gross" and a "douchebag", and in turn Mike was dismissive of her relationship with Steve Harrington​. It's safe, it's together, and she realizes she can't do this to her family. When Nancy started working at the Hawkins Post, she strived to work hard and do her best. He’s the only one of his D&D gang to be left dateless and danceless, until Nancy gives him a pity dance.

It’s hard to like anything about Billy in season 2, but Mrs. Wheeler seems to find him irresistible, and he almost flatters her right out of her bathrobe. They form a bond over their mutual goal of finding their brother and friend respectively and become close. Forget the Upside Down and the Shadow Monster for a second, and let's just talk about the real Stranger Things cliff-hanger: Will Billy (Dacre Montgomery) bang Nancy's mom (Cara Buono)? When he visited her house to check on her, he witnessed Nancy and Jonathan together in her room, making him believe she was cheating. Their chemistry, which was first introduced in a brief scene in season two, could have easily defeated every threat to Hawkins and then some. Like, 'I know things seem a little unstable here, but now's a great time to buy!'". While her actions were being influenced by her new “friends”, she still remained kind, sympathetic, and studious. Ad Choices, Stranger Things’s Cara Buono on the Season 3 Scene She Asked to Change. So, should we prepare ourselves for an illicit Billy/Karen affair in Season 3? Karen is the wife of Ted Wheeler and the mother to Nancy, Mike, and Holly.

", Stranger Things Mega Buzz: Steve May (Finally!) "I mean, I think it's weird, but hey, if they do, it's going to be an interesting story," adds Caleb McLaughlin, who stars as Lucas. While Max certainly proves her dominance over Billy by the end of the series, that doesn’t guarantee he won’t come after Lucas (or her) down the line. Founder of the Hawkins AV Club, employee of a now-defunct Radio Shack, Bob seemed like the first good thing to enter Joyce Byers’ life on this show. (His advice nearly killed Will, but hey, Bob didn’t know what he was getting Will into.) Get a New Love Interest. 1984 newsletter, Returning to The Upside Down: all the news, trailers and commentary about Stranger Things Season 2, Stranger Things 2 should have had a frog consultant, Stranger Things’ personal dramas are more compelling than the supernatural ones. Forget the Russians, the Mind Flayer, and the rats—one of the most interesting storylines at the beginning of Stranger Things season three is the flirtation between Cara Buono's Mrs. Wheeler and Dacre Montgomery's Billy. Family Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook,, "It's not like that..."/"It wasn't like that...".

He's flirting with her—but for her, there's so much more at stake.".

After having sex at the party held at Steve’s house, they officially entered a relationship. Nancy thanked Murray for his help and he returned the gesture, telling her not to seek him out again.

Then there’s that insane scene in the final episode between the neglected Mrs. Wheeler and the psychopathic, tight-assed newcomer, Billy Hargrove. Because for Billy, he's not really going out on that much of a limb. Nancy's name might be inspired by "Nancy Wheeler", a secondary character in the 1970 book. The Wheeler familyGriswold Family After keeping the truth behind Barb's death for a year, Nancy decided to avenge her friend by exposing Hawkins Lab where Barb was finally given a funeral, along with Barb's parents finally getting closure. Nancy eventually decided to get more evidence of the story and convinced a reluctant Jonathan to come with her where they discovered Mrs. Driscoll consuming fertilizer. They then agreed to stop lying to each other and to always tell the truth.

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