“The presence of an obstruction is always an emergency,” she says. Having troubles sometimes as nothing coming out. They may eat, play and behave normally, suggesting that they are otherwise fine. Trauma: Trauma patients, such as animals hit by cars, can suffer various injuries, including hemorrhage within the urinary bladder. Learn the underlying causes of urinary issues and incontinence in dogs, why he might be peeing in the house, as well what you can do to help. Sometimes, though, bloody urine is obvious, especially if your dog urinates on a light colored surface, like snow, carpet, or the floor. Your veterinarian may begin this process with a physical examination. Here are just a few of the conditions that can lead to blood in your dog’s urine to give you an idea of the extent of possible causes. Care.com provides information and tools to help care seekers and care providers connect and make informed decisions. These tests, ultimately, will provide your veterinarian with the information she needs to narrow down the potential causes of the blood in your dog’s urine. Pet care and training: What to know as they grow, Fun with Fido: Choosing the right food and activities, Doggy issues: How to handle problems that plague pooches, Dog medical conditions: What you need to know, 10 easy homemade treats your cat will totally love, Kidney failure in dogs: What owners need to know, 20 fun and easy DIY cat toys that kitties can’t resist, How to tell if a cat is pregnant: 5 tell-tale signs, Arthritis in pets: signs, treatment and prevention, 10 medium-sized dog breeds that are great for families, America’s 10 most popular dog breeds — and what you need to know about them, Expensive dog breeds: What to know about them and their price tags, 10 of the strongest dog breeds in the world, Puppy stages: A week-by-week guide to caring for a newborn puppy, Choosing pet care that’s right for you and your pet, 17 DIY dog toys you can make from things in your house, 7 Instagram-worthy dog desserts for birthdays and beyond. The infection is more prevalent in the female than the male breeds. Cookie Consent Tool, Dominican Republic - República Dominicana, Greater China - Hong Kong SAR – (English). So how do you know if the blood in your dog’s urine is a symptom of cancer or some other condition? This type of bleeding occurs in the lower digestive tract or colon and indicates a specific set of conditions. Help! If you are going to an emergency clinic or seeing a new vet, bring your pet's vaccination history to your appointment along with any other medical records, such as previous diagnostic test results and information on any prescribed medication. Causes for bleeding here include the following: Causes for blood in dog urine that can affect both the upper and lower urinary tracts include a ruptured bladder, which can happen if they're hit by a car or attacked by another dog; coagulopathy (a scientific word that essentially means clotting problems); and vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels. Learn about bladder stones in dogs, including common types of stones (struvite vs oxalate), symptoms your dog might show & treatment options from your vet. It is most often located at the level of the neck of the bladder and leads to clinical signs such as hematuria, pollakiuria and stranguria. Care.com is the world's largest online destination for care. Difficulty urinating, painful urination, frequent urination that only produces small amounts of urine, and intractable secondary bacterial urinary tract infections, on the other hand, could be a sign of a cancer of the urinary tract, such as TCC. In either case this is not likely to go away and you should bring in a urine sample to get treatment started. You can follow her writing at DrPattyKhuly.com and at SunsetVets.com.

In female dogs, the location of her urethra exposes her to these bacteria. You are your dog's first line of defense to their health, so careful monitoring and discussions with your vet are pertinent. If you're a dog parent, you might find your dog peeing blood at some point.

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