Final ETE. Personally, I find this style of navigation very much a mixed bag.

Somehow the fix isn't... Why do you delete everyday? If necessary, enter a distance or time value, and select . If necessary, enter a distance or time value, and select, GUID-46975363-04DD-408E-95A7-17D40075FC50 v4. If I try to navigate on my Fenix 6, it will just show me a bearing and range to my destination. The app is extremely feature-rich, as just about anything fenix-related. Garmin-Heath, When you delete the EPO, synchronized F5X by WIFI, the F5X works fine one or two days and then the distance issue (0m) fails. 'Follow course' when you know exactly where you want to go and what path to follow. To set an alert when you stray from the course, select

I have what appear to be the relevant fields turned on. now i just need the 6x solar to be available for order.

So, there I went…. As you can see, there are some times when loading maps and switching between views (as in: map view levels) can take a bit of time; the fenix 5X also really makes me appreciate the Suunto Spartan’s touch screen – but it is pretty unique in even just having maps on it, and they work pretty well.

due to problem with EPO, in my case I delete everyday, do you have a widget or app to delete EPO.BIN of our F5X? I now have a 5x Plus so I no longer have this issue. Where did you create the route?

Download custom map for your region (such as openstreet maps) and disable one that comes with Garmin by default (it sucks ass IMO). I can’t remember if I ever tested the fenix 5X in a city, but all GPS watches have issues in urban environments. Off Course. So if you decide to change plans half way through the day, then just get the phone out of you pack briefly and create some new waypoints, sync with the Fenix, then put the phone away and just continue to use the watch to navigate. Similar to how the device navigates you to a selected waypoint. JavaScript must be enabled in order to use this site. Or to guide you home, (or) back to the beginning, from where you are – as I interrupted the above video to point out that I let it do that, in Rome. JavaScript must be enabled in order to use this site. 'Follow course' when you know exactly where you want to go and what path to follow. Amazingly as quick navigation / directions worked in Rome, it also got to a near-constant beeping for different navigational pointers when there were many turns to take within a short distance – and on the other hand, as you can see in the video as well, there were other cases when I needed to turn, but was not shown a directional arrow (yet) while having to take one curve, but only for the next. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Waiting for the 6x solar vented titanium to be available. Turn Prompts. Not a how-to, but I did want to have a look at what the Garmin fenix 5X with its topographic maps offers.

There are two 'modes' of navigation in fenix. Select a screen to add, remove, or customize. I did work with one of the users, and we just plug their device into the computer and ran Express (without deleting the EPO.bin) file. That is, in my opinion, a bit of a risky combination. And on the fenix5X, navigation doesn’t just mean the line of a “course” (route) to follow. The guidance (turn-by-turn direction) makes me waver from my position that I don’t want directions from a watch somewhat, too. Contents.

Ensure that routing type (car, motorcycle, atv) is enabled based on your desired way of navigating.

To set an alert for the estimated time remaining …

I don’t think so, it’s basically all one thing.

Thank you. Select Guide to turn on or off the guide screen that displays the compass bearing or course to follow while navigating. It sounds like you have Navigation app configured to 'Follow course', but would like to use 'Use map'. If you have a problem, it's better to solve it than work around it.

It even guides you with pointers to (some) of the turns you need to take and beeps to remind you as you are approaching and (more or less) there. To enable turn-by-turn navigation prompts, select Turn Prompts.

I will try GRouteLoader. However, syncing my 5x with Garmin Connect mobile did not work, nor did plugging it into a power source.

mcorrea If you can reproduce this, please contact Garmin Support so that we can get some files from you directly since the EPO file should have nothing to do with navigation on the device. To set an alert when you stray from the course, select Off Course.

I wonder how well the maps offer would work once you travel somewhere you’d need different maps for or when and if the data available for them is not that good. Index. fēnix® 5X . Part 1, about the basics, is here, by the way. Such deep support as offered here breeds a bit of complacency; you start to trust the watch… but you cannot easily recharge it on your wrist (if at all), and the battery wouldn’t last long enough for a trail ultramarathon. Then, on the device I select "Navigate" and in "Courses" select the created route.

You can set alerts to help you navigate to your destination.

Here is also a second thread about the navigation problem with reproduction steps included: Everyone, I tried reproducing this over the weekend and wasn't able too. Still good as on the open space? Somehow the fix isn't ... mcorrea the EPO file should have nothing to do with navigation on the device. 'Use map' is more like a car gps in that you set specific points on places you would like to go to, but you want your device to choose how to get between the points. Select Guide to turn on or off the guide screen that displays the compass bearing or course to follow while navigating. The Garmin Explore only has 2.3 stars out of 5.

I use Komoot. It has to be with an app that can create the turn by turn instructions. 1. Then just sync those waypoints... Navigating a route created by Garmin Explore with turn by turn.

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