“Fertilization takes place with the female releasing her eggs in batches of as many as 1.7 million eggs in the water column. It is not as migratory as other tuna species. Its liver is very disproportionate, with the right lobe much longer than the left or middle lobes. The species is native to shallow parts of the western Atlantic from Nova Scotia to Argentina and also the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and off Angola on the west coast of Africa. The little tunny is typically a schooling species. It is found regularly in offshore and inshore waters, and is classified as a highly migratory species by UNCLOS. [12] Females reach sexual maturity at 27 to 37 cm (11–15 in) in fork length, while males mature at about 40 cm (16 in).

With a zester, zest the orange and lemon peel, then add them to the oil and honey.

Robert Michelson. Little tunny spawn in water that is at least 25 °C (77 °F) in the months of April through November in the Atlantic Ocean. The albacore has an elongate, fusiform body with a conical snout, large eyes, and remarkably long pectoral fins.

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is little tunny good to eat

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