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Since I was a child, I’ve been enamored of dipping into the past, and as I got older, I even fancied that I might become a professor or an archaeologist, in constant study of historical times. Currently, I am loving "Stranger Things", "Game of Thrones", "An Honorable Woman", and "Top of the Lake. Marie Benedict uncovers and explores hidden historical stories in her fiction, including her novel THE OTHER EINSTEIN. inspiring historical women at the heart of my two novels  Read More... Once a New York City lawyer, Marie Benedict had long dreamed about a fantastical job unraveling the larger mysteries of the past as an archaeologist or historian -- before she tried her hand at writing. Blood Moon. Marie Benedict is a lawyer with more than ten years' experience as a litigator at two of the country's premier law firms, who found her calling unearthing the hidden historical stories of women. “[A] fascinating fictionalized account of the consummate political wife.”, “A ready-made THRILLER as well as a FEMINIST PARABLE...”, "An absolute treasure.

What were the most surprising details you uncovered in your research process? Marie: If a historian is defined as someone who’s a student of history, absolutely! Asritakalpalateeka. Reader Reviews. Was there anything you found particularly fascinating that didn't make it into the final book? 1 on the list soon after launch. Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (a re-read, but recent). Information at BookBrowse.com is published with the permission of the copyright holder or their agent. Aside from her, there are so many writers creating important stories about women, both historical and modern day, that I couldn’t begin to list them all — I’d be afraid that I left a critical contributor out!

SLIDES.update(); Marie Benedict is a lawyer with more than ten years' experience as a litigator at two of the country's premier law firms, who found her calling unearthing the hidden historical stories of women. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston College with a focus in history and art history and a … The Carnegie legacy may be debatable, but Ms. Benedict’s talent for bringing history to, "The Other Einstein takes you into Mileva's heart, mind, and study as she tries to forge a place for herself in a scientific world dominated by men.

Marie: My next book after CARNEGIE’S MAID is a novel entitled THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE ROOM, which releases next January. Since your web browser does not support JavaScript, It is a made-up account of Hedy Lamarr, a screen siren that was better known for her beauty though she had made significant contributions to science. Marie Benedict: When I was a girl, I had a wonderful aunt, who was an English professor and a rebellious nun, who fed me a steady diet of wonderful literature, all of which had a major effect on me. You can support the Los Angeles Public Library in several ways: Maternal and Family Mental Health Storytelling Series, Join the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, Lo nuevo en español: libros interesantes que llegan a la biblioteca este mes, Feels Like Home: Los Angeles Central Library Project – The Short Version - Part 16, How do I print from my laptop? The answer to this question and another you posed—“Is there a book that changed your life?”—is one and the same. That said, I do like to dig deep into the available historical research about the character and the time period, and I endeavor to anchor the fictional story with that research.

Once you have figured that out, you must find that story too. And the masterful way in which Byatt explores the way in which the past reverberates into the present—a theme of mine—with this structure was an epiphany. I lingered in that time period in the novel.

Marie Benedict is a lawyer with more than ten years’ experience as a litigator at two of the country’s premier law firms. Marie Benedict is a lawyer with more than ten years’ experience as a litigator at two of the country’s premier law firms.

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I questioned whether I should focus on excavating from the past a lesser-known woman who has made important contributions.

I cannot tell you how much the book Homegoing, by Ya’a Gyasi, moved me, and I urge everyone I encounter to read it. Article Then the idea gestated, and I dipped into the research about her from time to time as I wrote The Other Einstein and Carnegie's Maid. She currently lives with her husband and children in Pittsburg. While I am constantly influenced by talented modern-day writers and books—such as Kate Atkinson, David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks, in particular, Lily King’s Euphoria, and Michael Cunningham’s The Hours—if I had to narrow down the names to five, I’d focus in on Jane Austen, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon and A.S. Byatt as I mention elsewhere here, along with Edith Wharton and Agatha Christie. Poe” and “The Paris Wife.” Benedict offers a window into the life of the fascinating and bright woman whose brilliance was lost in … Actually, the very fact that Agatha Christie is so famous and successful—she's sold more books than any other writer!—nearly stopped me from writing The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. An avid reader all her life - as a child, she was the proud winner, several years running, of the summer reading program at her local library - she still firmly believes ... That said, I’ve been eyeing the quirky cover for David Sedaris’ Calypso, although, in truth, I’d probably buy it even if it didn’t have that great cover because I adore him. SLIDES.image = document.images.SLIDESIMG; Marie's reported annual income is about $80 - 89,999; with a net worth that tops $250,000 - … Authors and publishers: If you wish to make changes to a bio, send the complete biography as you would like it displayed so that we can replace the old with the new. 14 heartwarming Amish Christmas stories from 14 of your favorite Amish authors. Marie: While I adore historical programs, of course — most recently, Alias Grace, and "The Crown"  — I’m also an ardent fan of fantasy, suspense, and a sprinkle of science fiction.

Marie: While there are countless historical women who motivate me and shape my understanding of the past, those who have inspired me most are my own ancestors, particularly those described in tales by my great-grandmothers and great-aunts.

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