. Between 1650 and 1775, many thousands of Scots were banished to the American colonies for political, religious, or criminal offenses. Christophers, Leeward Islands, date not given, with 30 prisoners. - CLAN CARRUTHERS SOCIETY - INTERNATIONAL, https://sceptical.scot/2016/03/the-myth-of-scottish-slaves/, Bandit capitalism: a very British oligarchy, #KeepThePromise – or childcare without parents. ISTG™ NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by anyone without the express written consent of the

Bromhall Comander for South Carolina 104 Rebels or Prisoners at 40s each amount to . Catriona McIntosh, head education guide and the centre, said there was growing interest in both how the rebellion was financed and what happened to its supporters following the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army. Af Bar "Africa". An additional 1700 Scots were expelled as enemies of the state after the Covenanter Risings and 1600 men, women and children were banished as a result of the Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745. Johnson is by the sd Articles obliged to produce Certificates signed by the Govn. Of these, one was acquitted. . “There many individuals who were involved in the transatlantic slave trade, both on the run Jacobites turned plantation owners, and people who were shipped to the Caribbean and the Americas as indentured labour. The less important were tried locally, and the rank-and-file were held in Preston for a month before being transferred elsewhere.

Those who refused to be Ninety percent of them stayed in Maryland and … special. advanced upon them. Felons or political undesirables, such as the Covenanters, were sent to the islands in chains directly from Scotland. A directory of Scots banished to the American plantations is available at Genealogical . v3.0. You may read a transcription of this warrant and view scans of

Plantations or upon any of their dying by the Way an Affidavit of such Death And let the sd. . Recovering Scotland’s Slavery Past (The Caribbean Connection); Slavery and the Transformation of English Society, Scottish Emigration to Colonial America: 1607-1785, http://jeromehandler.org/wp-content/uploads/WhiteSlaves.-July-submission.pdf, How the Myth of the "Irish slaves" Became a Favorite Meme of Racists Online | [DEV] infoLibertaire.net, How the Myth of the "Irish slaves" Became a Favorite Meme of Racists Online – ★Antifa.net★, The most despicable campaign in living memory – Eruestan Brethil, Scottish nationalists aren’t racist – they’re reacting against the UK’s bigotry | Robert Somynne | Opinion - Alex Poucher, People made Glasgow for better and worse - Sceptical Scot, Politiquement correct: Attention, un esclavage peut en cacher un autre (No white slaves, please, we’re Americans !) If a name among these 1,286 Jacobite Rebels in England was found to match exactly or approximately a name on the list of 636 Jacobite This source of prisoners names and witnesses would be of interest to anyone researching Scottish genealogy.

Cumberland’s butchery set the tone for how the UK dealt with the Jacobite prisoners. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Most colonial ship records contain little information about the passengers. The same exact thing was happening here. 1714 - 1716. It was carried into the French colony of Martinique, on 30 June 1747 with all prisoners aboard released and a small number enlisted in the French regiments, a small boost to the Jacobite cause. . Plantations in America such Rebels or Prisoners as were or should be delivered or offered to be delivered to him or his Servts. The most recent pleasure I had was to be able to put together complete records for the two ships that came here to Maryland, the Goodspeed and the Friendship of Belfast. “One of the questions we wish to investigate is where the individuals went and who benefited financially from the transportation process. Catholics of Scotland, and some in Ireland, and among the Nonjurors, John Scraisbrick Commander for Antigua 96 Rebels nil. In the interest of space conservation, ship names and in the wrong box in the British Archives. Women and children were often not listed. Persons shown below, as compiled from ten ship manifests, were taken . During the rebellion of 1715 the rebel forces entered Preston on 9 According to a receipt given to the commissary general of the . Sr. Thomas Johnson or his assignes the sum of 278L 00sh together wth. Founder of Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild rebel prisoners, 639 prisoners were transported, but, for reasons Mr. Dobson, author, provides a list of these banished Scots who are the ancestors of thousands of Americans living today. 162, 26th April 1716 shipped on Board the Two Brothers Edward Rathben Commander for Jamaica 47 Rebels or Prisoners nch. I am a descendant of a Jacobite Rebel , my ancestor was sent on a slave ship in 1715 to arrive in America colonies, sold as a slave. . Ed. This is an excellent addition to the information we have included here and if you prefer, Dobson's information is also available on CD. America’s dirty little secret? Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. the original by clicking on this line. In all, 639 of the those 1,301 were transported here. Richard CROPPER, master bound for Barbadoes from . The fate of 150 prisoners was to dramatically alter, however, after the ship was taken by the privateer vessel, Diamond, which was commanded by Paul Marsale. It is likewise his Majesty’s Pleasure, that the Places of their Confinement [prison cells] should be cleaned & proper medicines be administered [given] by the Physicians [doctors]and apothecarys [chemists] of the Town to such of them, whose cases shall require it, so as to prevent any contagious Distemper [disease] getting amongst them the charge where of shall be reimbursed [paid] by his Majesty’s order and as such Prisoners shall recover their health, you are to Deliver them in the same manner as is above mentioned in order to their being likewise Transported. . A directory of Scots banished to the American plantations is … the sd. documents. Rebels or Prisoners being shipped on Board of his Ships in & by the sd. . 60, 29th June 1716 shipped on Board the Elizabeth & Anne Capt. Articles amongst other things relation being thereunto had may more fully appear. for Virginia two Rebels or Prisoners nch. What a scoop. Wallace Commander for Virginia 18 Rebels or Prisoners nch. 160, 25th June 1716 shipped on Board the Hockenhill Capt. . Cropper Comander for Berbadoes one Rebel or Prisoner nch at the same rate amon. An .

And from 1788 until 1868, Britain did send roughly 164,000 convicts to the land down under. 2, 28 July shipped on Board the Goodspeed Arthur Smith Mar. receipted for 104. The ship logo, which is still used in part, was designed and contributed by Pat Walker and the late Sheila Tate. A complete listing. . Please check out what Ancestry.co.uk has to offer. After the Prisoners are embarked you are to transmit [send] back to me this originall Petition. Many of us are searching on the "other side of the pond" as well and thousands of records, which have collected dust for years, are now available. . Just click on Genealogical Publishing Company's link below and search Scots to find the CD of Scottish Immigrants to North America, 1600s-1800s - The Collected Works of David Dobson. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. or Searcher there as by the said Articles is directed, that is to say: 30th March 1716 shipped on Board the Scipio Frigate Capt. W SC "Wakefield" Capt Thomas BECK, bound for SC from Liverpool 21 The number in column 9 matches the number used in this source. H StC "Hockenhill" Capt Hockenhill SHORT, bound for St. . Royal High School hotel bid rejected in Edinburgh. For each person cited in this directory, some of the following information is given: name, occupation, place of residence in Scotland, place of capture and captivity, parent's names, date and cause of banishment, name of the ship and the date and place of arrival in the colonies. 4, 31 July 1716 shipped on Board the Ann Capt: Robt. Researchers at Culloden Battlefield near Inverness are to investigate the Jacobite exiles who went on to own plantations in the West Indies and the hundreds of rebels deported as indentured servants following the decisive Hanoverian victory in 1746.

Of course that leaves me with an appetite for more. general Thomas FORSTER surrendered his army to the King's forces. This source provides a listing of 1,301 Jacobite Rebels imprisoned in four towns; Lancaster, Wigan, Chester and Preston. “We are very excited to discover more about the connection.”. us persuant to Articles in that Behalfe bearing date the 16th Day of April 1716 to transport or carry at his own proper Cost & Charges to some of his Maj. prisoners reached the destinations originally designated. Keeping prisoners locked up was expensive and transporting them overseas was seen as a good solution to the problem. Transported Jacobite Rebels of 1716. He has brought together a bulk of information available. Ms McIntosh said: “As we researched answers to these questions, we have begun to discover some very interesting stories.

Thos. They were sent to both “his Majesties plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for a space of seven years” as well as to privately owned plantations, Ms McIntosh said. at the same rate amount to . 252, 14th July shipped on Board the Goodspeed Capt: Smith Comander for Virginia 54 Rebels or Prisoners nch: at 40sh each amount to . the original by clicking on this line.

Publishing Company. EA Va/Jam "Elizabeth and Anne".

. According to a receipt given to the commissary general of the rebel prisoners, 639 prisoners were transported, but, for reasons unknown to this writer, only 636 were named in the manifest. . II, Scottish History Society, 1929, pages 60 & 61 Historical Papers 1699-1750 Vol. That led naturally to the ten ships they came in, especially since the embarkation passenger lists were there in the archives also. Ed: Trafford Commander for Virginia or Jamaica 126 Rebels or Prisoners nch. 1 August 2007. "Scipio" commander's name and destination not given, from 7 May 1716 with 101 prisoners listed on the manifest, although Six of the Jacobite officers captured at Preston were judged to still be enlisted in George I’s army. 1976, Vol 64, number 1. Around 150 prisoners left Liverpool on The Veteran for the Leeward Islands in the West Indies on May 8 1747. . It gives orders for the transportation of Jacobite prisoners in Liverpool Castle to plantations in America and provides instructions for the care of sick prisoners, 29 February 1716 (SP 35/5/13). (128 prisoners listed in manifest).

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