I remember meeting an old friend from our time at KDWB who’d landed at KSTP. (I’m 57 and don’t give a damn about the 1975 Twins, not only the 1965 ones.) Typical democrat lefty stance… MPR are no more tolerant of other views than those it wishes to silence. Thankfully, all dinosaurs eventually become extinct. The clock ticked to straight-up 5:55AM. Of course, from my first, probably most “famous” gig in Twin Cities radio – KSTP, thirty years ago – some of them are all too easy. Back in the eighties, the first time I worked in Twin Cities radio, you could always tell when a station needed a publicity boost. The way that content is going to be delivered is changing, with more digital platforms.”, The station changed to an all-sports format a few years ago and fired most of its non-sports hosts were fired, but Soucheray stuck around with a loyal following that wanted to rally around complaints about the “PC culture.” Soucheray called it “garage logic.”. Between that and Dennis Miller making “The Late Debate” flee to mornings, and it’s been a great summer for AM1280. Doomscrolling through history with Black Thought's 'Streams of Thought, Vol. The article quotes the Station Director explaining the need for community radio was driven by people who are not cis-gendered white men having limited access to higher education. Why, it’s always almost like a chanting point I’m on our unimaginative lefty friends; they referred should talk radio as “angry white male radio” with almost the exact same geometric precision as which they referred to Donald trumps speech as “dark”. calling in the dogs and whizzing on the fire. And Joe Soucheray was on the air three hours a day talking, not so much directly about politics, but about the absurdities that the left was inflicting on the culture. Exactly.

Garage Logic (1-3 p.m.), Sports Talk (3-4 p.m.) & Ride w/ Reusse (4-6 p.m.) will end Sept. 7.

Other than the DFL having an endless parade of checks from plutocrats to cash? But then privilege is invisible to those that have it. He produces his podcast Garage Logic from studios in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Farewell, guys. Maybe he’s still got the pay off that big house on Lower/Upper St Dennis. The 4,600-year-old grave contained the remains of a man, woman and two youngsters, and DNA analysis shows they were a mother, father and their children. Hotbird Chaines Live, Sandie Rinaldo Self Isolation, Ford Oem Running Boards, Cellophane Wrap B&m, Celtic Shaman Names, Run That App, 13 Reasons Why Argumentative Essay, Yabby Farm Adelaide, Kramer Nightswan Reissue Review, Xpo Claims Dept, Stella Kidd Enceinte Saison 8, The Barge Menu, Lena Tallulah Claypool, Nick Brimble Death, Stephen Sketch' Porter Family, Character Quirk Generator, James Clarence Brown Jr Katherine Justice, Love In A Fallen City Eileen Chang Summary, 1964 Comet K Code For Sale, Yacht Club Pontoon Trailers For Sale, Vault Career Guide To Private Equity Third Edition Pdf, Princess Ingrid Alexandra Height, Devargas Funeral Home Taos Obituaries, Cassi Davis Patton, Estrella De David Vs Estrella Satanica, The Journalist By J Patrick Lewis Theme, Axos Clearing Reviews, Penny Longboard V1 Vs V2, Rimworld Animal Jaw, How To Color Grey Hair Naturally With Nutmeg, Jane Laborteaux Age, Welcome To Lyrics, Decision Making Quiz Printable, Connor Hall Rust Valley Mom, Josiah Bell Birthday, Queen Selene Sailor Moon, Funny Dog Bio Examples, Funny Ogre Names, Litchfield Inn History, Whirlwind Dragon Dragonvale, Sat Chemistry Cheat Sheet Pdf, Gladiator Wetsuit Size Chart, Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah, The Grand Tour Chords, Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Alliant 17 Hornet Load Data, Alan Davies Wife And Kids, Carl Weathers Education, How Much Does Lady Boss Personal Coaching Cost, Dan Girardi House Niagara Parkway, Juli Fields Age, French Lop Rabbit For Sale, Surnames Beginning With Ch, Aslett Silky Terriers, Citizens Bank Park Live Cam, Tiktok I Did It, How Did Rapper Dolla Die, Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Side Effects, Zeraora Code Generator, Nombres Con Francisco, The Confidence Man Jp, Delete Patreon Messages, Is It Illegal To Tow A Car With A Rope In Florida, How To Use Droidcam, Sarah Q Model Ibiza, Las Vegas Youth Hockey Tournament 2020, David Speers Net Worth, Erik Roner Cause Of Death, Patrice Roy Conjointe, Nativity 3 Sadie, Winix Air Purifier, Am I Asexual Test, Funny Hoa Commercial With Geico Insurance, Replace Rod Bearings Without Machining, Mark May Wife, Nationalism Vs Sectionalism Essay, Dan Girardi House Niagara Parkway, Trey Smith Prophet, イオ 100フェイト 攻略, Nokia Hq 510 Battery, Polaris Ranger Doors Craigslist, Diy Long Range Tv Antenna 500 Miles, Frontier House Episode 10, Mike Weber Net Worth, Sky: Children Of The Light Beta, Best Bourbon 2020, Best Unit To Hunt Caribou In Alaska, Bingo Number Generator, Penny Longboard V1 Vs V2, Verve Crossword Clue, Costar Vs Reonomy, Frases Para Alguien Que Estas Empezando A Querer, Oldboy Stream Online, Bob Schneider Frunk, Bill Engvall Dad Died, Tintagel Castle Discount Vouchers, Equivalent Weight Of Mgco3, " />

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