[230], Since the beginning of the 21st century, fast food has been criticized for its animal welfare record, its links to obesity and its environmental impact. [169], The first Australian KFC was opened in 1968 in Guildford, a suburb of Sydney. KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. There were 25 KFC restaurants in Sri Lanka as of December 2014.

60-70 mins. [9] When Sanders was five years old, his father died, forcing his mother to work at a canning plant. [22] Independent restaurants would pay four (later five) cents on each chicken as a franchise fee, in exchange for Sanders' "secret blend of herbs and spices" and the right to feature his recipe on their menus and use his name and likeness for promotional purposes. The chain is also one of the earliest fast-food eateries in Malaysia to employ people with different abilities from its outlet in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur on November 15, 1986 (has since relocated to Sentul Raya, Jalan Ipoh in 1992). [40], By 2015, the company was struggling, having lost business to other retailers and being surpassed by Chick-fil-A as the leading chicken retailer in the U.S. three years previously. [218] Fred Jeffries, then vice president of purchasing at KFC, claimed that the invention helped fuel the company's rapid expansion and success: There's no way it (KFC) could have grown as it did without the Collectramatic.

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. [26] Serving their signature meal in a paper bucket was to become an iconic feature of the company. KFC also began using Indian spices and cooking techniques to localize its chicken dishes. [73], KFC is the largest restaurant chain in China, with 5,003 outlets as of 2015.

[20] After being recommissioned as a Kentucky colonel in 1950 by Governor Lawrence Wetherby, Sanders began to dress the part, growing a goatee and wearing a black frock coat (later switched to a white suit), a string tie, and referring to himself as "Colonel". [184][185] In predominantly Islamic countries, the chicken served is halal.

"KFC" Doesn't Stand For Anything. [54], As well as its core chicken on the bone offering, KFC's major products include chicken sandwiches (including the Zinger and the Tower); wraps ("Twisters" and "Boxmasters"); and a variety of finger foods, including crispy chicken strips and hot wings.

Brisk Lemonade. The company hopes to expand its African operations, where it is already the regional leader among US fast food chains. [105][106] As of 2013[update], Japan is the third-largest market for KFC after China and the United States with 1,200 outlets. Brisk Iced Tea. Served with croutons. [160] The Spring 2009 launch of Kentucky Grilled Chicken only resulted in a temporary halt to the sales decline. Details. Salads Sides Sauces Drinks Desserts Salads Garden Salad Fresh Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and cucumber.

Carolina Honey Mustard. Details. [197][198][199][200] In Peru, the locally popular Inca Kola is sold.

Potato salad with our own signature dressing. [187] A small number of US outlets offer an all-you-can-eat buffet option with a limited menu.

It is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019[update]. This does taste like the colonel would make it. "To Start Fresh in China, KFC Goes for a Menu Makeover", "McDonald's and KFC hit by China food safety scandal", "Yum says China food safety scare hurting KFC, Pizza Hut sales", "KFC's first restaurant in Tibet open for business", "KFC Menu, Menu for KFC, Sector 18, Noida", "With Sapphire Foods franchisee, Yum reorganizes India business", "KFC's India outlet reopens: India's first Kentucky Fried ...", "Made for India: Succeeding in a Market Where One Size Won't Fit All", "KFC launches first-ever no crust, all-chicken KFC Chizza", "In a clever campaign, KFC gets Mumbai's dabbawalas to deliver meal boxes", "KFC's Practical New Box of Chicken Can Charge Phones", "KFC Growth Seen Slowing as Indonesia Limits Franchisees", "All Japan wants for Christmas is Kentucky Fried Chicken", "12 Finger-Lickin' Facts About KFC - 11.

[93] The Delhi outlet soon closed permanently. [132] In 1971 there were 31 outlets; by 1975 the chain had grown to 250 outlets.

[207][208], On August 27, 2019, KFC tested meatless boneless wings and nuggets in Atlanta, Georgia. has the opportunity and responsibility to influence the way animals supplied to us are treated. [2] There are 4,563 outlets in China, 4,491 in the United States, and 9,821 across the rest of the world. Southern Plum. [98] The innovation efforts have continued with the launch of the Watt a Box, a practical new take on the 5-in-1 Meal Box, which can also charge phones. CEO David Novak admitted that the scandal had been "longer lasting and more impactful than we ever imagined. [10] After he reached seven years of age, his mother taught him how to cook. Twisted, toasted, tasty, A 100% chicken breast Mini Fillet with fresh lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese and pepper mayo, wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla.

Served with croutons. [102], KFC Japan was formed in 1970 as a joint venture between the American parent and the Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation.

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