The classic definition of the word is “a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs and is often admired because of it”. I’ll stop here. martyrs ending. But the key element of Martyrs has always been the mid-point narrative shift, a profound one that completely redefines the film and takes it in a fascinating new direction, although one no less brutal than the first half.

We will never know what Anna’s whispers were. From what I've read, these are the few theories and their points for and against them: 1. Over time, Lucie makes a friend by the name Anna (Morjana Alaoui) at an orphanage.

The Society is apparently trained to confirm this by the look in the subject’s eyes. Anna, however, has been able to relate to what she’s just seen. More importantly, it quickly becomes clear that whatever’s hunting Lucy isn’t going to be satisfied by the young woman’s blood offering. Somewhere, deep down, she’s doubting Lucie. But some stories really shouldn’t leave you feeling satisfied. Committed to a Catholic orphanage, young Lucy is befriended by a generous and open girl, Anna, who quickly realizes her quiet new friend is haunted by a monster, though whether real or imagined, Anna can’t say.

Anna notices that lady of the house is still not dead and tries to help her. There was also a Hollywood remake in the year 2015.

In reworking it for the no-subtitles English audience, that element of endurance is gone, and with it, the gut-punch of an ending which felt so earned is excised, in order to hurriedly wrap up a plot that now feels more trashy than weighty.

She feels Anna too thinks that she’s insane. Dude: No, Mademoiselle.

Lucie is filled with guilt for leaving the woman to her demise.

Which means Anna is up next. Also, the film has two parts to it. Pros: At first glance, this would seem like a good reason for mademoiselle to kill herself, as it was all a waste of time. There is a Secret Philosophical Society, of freaks, who are looking to find answers about the Afterlife. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. All of the wounds on her are self-inflicted but she doesn’t see it that way. And I was nowhere near ready to face the visual uppercut served by this film.

The remake, or “reimagining,” if you will, of the Martyrs story feels—for lack of a better word—like a very Americanized retelling.

Mademoiselle comes in and meets Anna. Like I mentioned before, the torture has created permanent damage to Lucie’s mind. Spoiler alert!

Eventually, she starts seeing illusions of this woman as a ghastly creature that inflicts wounds upon her. Anna nods and whispers something into Mademoiselle’s ears.

I would love to discuss other speculation on this ending. Anna comes to the house and helps clean up the mess. 9 movie trailers that completely give away the ending, from Batman to GoldenEye to Free Willy. This article is related to the original Canadian-French film directed by Pascal Laugier. Alternate Theory about the ending of Martyrs (Massive Spoilers) I've seen a few threads in this sub about the Movie Martyrs, but they are all too old to comment on. Mademoiselle: Keep doubting. It would be a good revenge for Anna to tell mademoiselle it … Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The Weinstein Company picked up the rights to it, and will release the American remake next year. Which means we are going to have to speculate.

So I watched it. Anna believes Lucie’s claim of being visited by a creature, sort of. Martyrs is a 2008 horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. Anna is now subjected to the systematic torture.

It’s the “doubt” that gives life a purpose. Well, she is. The film gives off the impression that the audience should “enjoy” this experience. But whatever it was, it leaves Mademoiselle with a knowledge that removes her purpose to live.

Imagine you were just beginning to watch the movie The Sixth Sense and someone told you the film’s ending twist. Lucie, being a young girl, is frightened and makes a run for it. The food lady comes back screaming saying that Anna has let herself go completely.

Well, that’s what the film turns out to be.

I’m going to keep this one short. But this doesn’t stop the creature from continuing to hurt her. Lucie (Mylène Jampanoï) is one such young girl who is kidnapped by this group and is subject to these tortures.

Suddenly, you lose the urge to be in the casino and gamble. The film opens on a young girl (Ever Prishkulnik) managing to escape what looks like a painful captivity in some abandoned building. Mademoiselle is the 'head' of the cult.

They have, over time, identified that young woman respond best to these tortures. She also explains that they have experimented on children too. However, I believe the central plot confusion exists in both films.

She’s in the bathroom, de-powdering her nose.

One day, she happens to push her captor back and this leads to the captor snapping her leg as she falls. Cut to 10 years later, when an idyllic-seeming family’s lazy morning is interrupted by a brutal invasion: It’s Lucy, now a young woman (ably played with an admirable fierceness by Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario) and out for blood, convinced that the mother and father of this happy home are the ones responsible for her imprisonment as a child.

According to Lucie, she sees a creature who wants her to find the captors and kill them. (Though an early one, in a flashback to the orphanage, is effective.) He flays Anna alive. The new Martyrs is a case of the whole being less than the sum of its parts, because the parts are a little too shiny, clean, and not built to last. Life, in a sense, comes with a twist at the end – death.

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