A pastry chef and Buddy's right-hand man. Biden's Electoral Vote Count Increases As Trump Fights In Court, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV. He arrived in the USA on February 15, 1976.

354.1k Followers, 707 Following, 2,317 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Mauro &Maddalena Castano (@maddalenaandmauro) Q:  When did you come to the United States? Mauro & Maddalena Castano. We never thought television would make all this go off like that. Welcome to Mauro & Maddalena's Official Fan Page Follow Mauro on His Blog!

Nielsen ratings indicate more than 1.5 million viewers tune in to the program. A:  They weren't going to come at first, but my daughter actually helps out and since my wife and I are going to be gone, she's coming to help us. Mauro Castano (born August 18, 1963) – pastry chef and Buddy's right-hand man.

The show came about after we did a few competitions on TV, and Buddy actually won one. We did a life-size body in a life-size coffin for some people who were like vampires, and we delivered it to a cemetery. Q:  What is the most unusual cake creation you guys have made since the series started? www.chefmaurocastano.com He is married to Buddy's second oldest sister, Maddalena Castano (née Valastro) (born August 15, 1967) who works front counter. A:  It all started a long time ago with my father-in-law doing the things he way he did, and passing that down to his family. I partnered up with him for the competitions, and some people looking to do a show liked that old Italian, northern New Jersey attitude. The Enfield Italian Festival will be held Aug. 5-7 on the grounds of the Mount Carmel Society, 93 Park Ave., Enfield. Q:  I assume you get invited to hundreds of these types of functions. My brother-in-law fit right into his shoes, and he loves it and is passionate about it. A:  I'm a big boy, so I want to see what everybody's got cooked up there. His top bakers are Frankie Amato Jr (second cousin), Joey Faugno (brother-in-law), Danny Dragone, and Mauro Castano (brother-in-law). A:  Carl (Sferrazza, president of the Mount Carmel Society) is a really good guy; he reminds me of my father. Q: That's news - Dominique and Mary are coming up too?

I mean, we're bakers, making cakes all day. 366K likes. She is married to Mauro Castano.

In 2010, the staff made a Dean Martin cake which was displayed at the annual Enfield Italian Festival.

They thought it was a good combo, and it all took off from there. Welcome to Mauro & Maddalena's Official Fan Page Follow Mauro on His Blog! Buddy's brother-in-law and right hand man, Mauro Castano, will be visiting the festival this weekend with his family. I couldn't believe I was in a cemetery at 10 o'clock at night with a body in a coffin made out of cake. Maddalena Castano (née Valastro) (born August 15, 1967) works front counter. Q:  When this thing started, did you ever expect it to explode into the phenomenon it has become? He was born in Milan, and left Italy when he was 12. My birthday is coming up August 18th, and my wife Maddalena's is on the 15th. What made you decide to attend the Italian Festival here in Enfield? Mauro's originally from Italy--he was born in Milan and came to the United States when he was about 12 or 13. Set at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, the series follows Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro and his family as they operate their business, focusing mainly on how they create their often-unusual cake orders.

www.chefmaurocastano.com He has 4 children, Sofia, Bartolo Jr, Marco, and the most recent Carlo Salvatore (born Feb.14 2011).He has a wife named Lisa (short for Elisabetta) and his older sisters 360K likes. This year's creation is a cake honoring Martin's daughter Deana, who will be headlining the weekend entertainment at the festival for the second straight year. I did one for him last year, and he was really nice. A:  The most unusual were probably the last couple that we did. We get requests every day, but he told us the story about the Italian heritage and I was born in Italy, so keeping the Italian heritage going here in the United States is something I'm really affectionate about. We did one that hasn't even aired yet, but I'll give you a little inside information. He is married to Buddy's second-oldest sister, Maddalena. They will be displaying the cake, meeting fans and signing autographs Saturday evening. Q:  What are you most looking forward to this coming weekend in Enfield? A:  I came over in February of 1976, when I was 12. We're a family show, and we're happy about that. Many of our fans are young kids, 11 to 13 years old, who sit there and say, "How is this guy doing this cake?" Rain Man Script Pdf Reddit, Crowne Plaza Hotel Chicago Organ Trafficking, Cantinflas Peliculas Completas El Barrendero, Arete Syndicate Review, When God Whispers Your Name Lyrics, Raw Manga Site, Floating Media Console Restoration Hardware, Kate Iger Wedding, Save Footscray Park, Goerie Vital Statistics, Mapa Interactivo Del Mundo, 1966 To 1972 Mustang For Sale, Hoover Smartwash Fh52000 Parts Diagram, Synth Riders Vs Audio Trip, Thesis Statement About Horror Movies, Heavy Feeling In Lower Abdomen Early Pregnancy, Starbucks Strawberries And Cream Frappuccino Discontinued, Cameron Carpenter Net Worth, Ceyx And Alcyone Theme, The Boy Who Met Jesus Pdf, George Cole Interview, Birch Knob Plane Crash, Hermione And Sirius Pregnant Fanfiction, Strawberry Blonde Mitski Meaning, Heist Story Ideas, Sahara Desert Food Chain, Jill Kinmont Husband, Animal Movie 2005, Subaru Pronunciation New Zealand, Ottawa Champions Roster, Vine Monster 5e, Robert Benevides Obituary, Guns Akimbo Budget, Speak To Your Mountain Pdf, 2nd Grade Financial Literacy Worksheets, Is Buffalo Joe Mcbryan Still Alive, Kanawha River Depth, Prtc Email Login, How To Get Rid Of Frog In Candy Crush Level 2644, Another Me Jiu Yue Dies, Femme Mante Religieuse Signification, Tornado Siren Near Me, Lower Back Pain Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test, Whirlpool Fresh Flow Filter Noise, " />

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