hi everyone, idk if any of you has a minimoonboard or knows someone who owns one but i was wondering if it's possible to reduce the standard width of the board (2440mm) to 2270mm.

It's been a while since i climbed and my current Grade is somewhere around V0+ and V2.. I found the Mini problems "interesting" but not all that fun. thing is, i'm having some trouble figuring out how to place the footholds on the kickboard since the kickboard, as shown on the moonclimbing official website, has the footholds offset for some reason instead of having them aligned with the rest of the grid as in the regular moonboard.

White has some jugs too, i believe But looks sick tho.

thanks! I already ordered mine but they said I have basically up until it ships to cancel (8 weeks). Has anyone got one? Something else to think about: If you have 9-foot ceilings to work with, then you could fit a much larger board in that space. would 20 cms be enough? Wanna store them on my wall?

The top of the moonboard i´m going to put a hangboard and some xl campus rungs (these are still in progress) currently i´m using the bigger holds of moon and place the bigger holds so that i improve backstepping, flagging while not overdoing my fingertendons on those crimpy holds... some crimping is involved but that´s just to train fingerstrength a few moments of my sessions. Press J to jump to the feed. You can try and make your own problems or as others have said get better holds. Also the wood on the left side will go away since i will close the moonboard at the side... left side will be completely open legspace. Training on the normal moon board holds is just too intense for the fingers. mini moonboard - minimum board width. You picked the worst holds from the moonboard. ), and the longer ones usually have some degree of lateral movement on the board (pretty interesting movement, actually). Dedicated to increasing all our knowledge about how to better improve at our sport. How to build a Mini MoonBoard for Beginners I just submitted the first video for a two part series going over my experiences in great detail with building a freestanding Mini MoonBoard … I was originally a little worried that 12 rows would be too limiting--but after putting the holds up and having climbed a slew of problems, I find that I'm having just as good of a workout and as much fun as on the standard wall. Same, I wish there was more pictures or media of it online. Reddit's rock climbing training community. Reddit's rock climbing training community. Thank you so much for writing this up. The part 2 video is exporting now and will be uploaded shortly if anyone is interested. Hope it helps someone else stuck at home!

I'd go 40 my dude. I've been tempted to go for a shrunken moonboard for some time but this definitely fits the deal! Do you mind telling me what are the wall dimensions you used? Reddit's rock climbing training community. There are no black/white/red holds, so on average, all the holds are worse/more fingery, and the barrier of entry is a little higher. the board is standard mini moonboard size so 2m44 x 2m44, the kicker is 37cm with 3 rows and the top is 19cm. This is one of the great things about a Moonboard vs a spray wall. I am also debating building all the way to the ceiling with the mini and then giving myself the option to extend the problems a move or two. The finishing row of holds has very few jugs or finger buckets. Trying to figure out where to fit it and not sure if it needs a bit of space on the sides vs being parked against a wall. If used correctly with a primary focus sticking to safety you can make those fingers a lot more resilient and that will lead to more successful moves on the school holds. The Mini setup is by far, the hardest Moonboard setup. Dedicated to increasing all our knowledge about how to better improve at our sport. I couldnt agree more... i almost shit my pants when i opened the box and saw the holds i´m saving now for the 2020 wood holds B because it also got some juggy holds and a lot more easier problems in the app i think around V3 which is closer to my level then V4-V5... bit who would´ve guessed... i have to work with holds i have while saving for more.

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