Before accusations are leveled my way, I have no shame in partaking and, as a writer, have done my fair share of oddities for sheer amusement. So I will add what little I can while acknowledging such when necessary. This combination  makes Mudlet a lot easier to get started with! Comment posted on Mon 20 Jan 2020 11:05:50 AM MST by Ninjutsu: I think you're making a very misdirected and inaccurate complaint. No exaggeration. You should withdraw this post, it's deceptive. Like I said there is a lot wrong with the game...but I love it and I'm gonna miss it. I actually remember reading through the helpfiles and feeling the exact moment I knew I was hooked. Mudlet is a platform for gaming and enhancing game-play primarily with MUDs. Have to choose what's best for you, and where you feel most comfortable.

I can't go back anymore because, clearly, people have read this and taken offense to it - good for them, they're enjoying the game the way they want to. You also cannot hold the game responsible for the actions of the players that connect to it. The whole thing is collapsing on top of them and they're too willfully blind to see it for themselves. Scripts made on one computer will seamlessly work on another, and you can share your profiles via Dropbox. The question, really, is why would you want to play? parents by categorizing themselves as 'adult'. My issue is not with OOC discussion of said In-Character exploits but with the discussion of a player's very real and personal life in a derogatory manner. TG certainly has this atmosphere of accepting players that can handle these extreme adult themes, both IC and OOC. The players...are a grand mix. It also boasts support for many more advanced features, including highlights and triggers, spawns, timers, and full Unicode support. 627 muds listed on TMC. They are automatically loaded when you open your world file, and saved with your world file when you save it (if you save it, of course). Join today!

I really didn't expect it to be so alive, as these things tend to stagnate. The big story lines tend to revolve around the same characters and sometimes they even push out other characters and sort of hog the spotlight. If you aren't "in bed" with someone important, you will barely ever see any form of RP that is positive or consistent. The staff turn a blind eye to their own failures and the players assure one another that everything is fine. Then you have a few toxic players that if they don't like you will either refuse to acknowledge your character or they will try to screw up their story or insult them.

Then there's competition over "mates".which gets incredibly dumb. I've been playing this game for over 20 years now. Its combat is far more engaging, with a timer system on attacks to make you think about what attacks to use and when, rather than just spamming whatever your highest PL attack was. I considered leaving a more in-depth review after my time spent here, though I find it regretful to admit that it would be very similar to that of the one most recent(Posted December 12, 2018) and almost redundant. Comment posted on Thu 15 Aug 2019 01:09:55 AM MST by Annon: Gotta say, its something I've noticed with myself, my alts and anything in between. Again, the other review had mentioned how this more-or-less results in badmouthing other players(not characters) openly across public channels, both former and current with little regard for respect or privacy. MUD/MUSH client/server programs: Useful links: Utility programs: Weavedraft - a program for weavers (Macintosh and Windows) QuickSlideshow - a program for quickly viewing GIF and other pictures (Macintosh) Electronics. There are always Written in Tcl/Tk, it runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Linux and MacOS X – and even the Raspberry Pi! that I could no longer continue to run TMC Archetypes are a kind of sub-race or class within a given race that makes them even more unique. The difference between say, a Fighter Namekian and a Dragon Clan Namekian is absolutely massive. Then there are three Administrators, who are basically middle management. You can also request new features or file bug reports on the Github Issue Tracker.

MUSHclient has a built-in chat system that is compatible with both MudMaster and zChat protocols. The community is great, and while some of them like to have a laugh or do the odd murder to each other, at the end of the day everyone's ready to help out a new player.

The administration has 17 staff members on it as of this writing. However, a ruined day is a ruined day, even if it's a game. I'd do anything to play here again. Large playerbase - The playerbase is usually upwards of 60 at any given time.

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