Treadwear: 100 If you considered RE-11 and Star Spec, ever thought about Hankook RS-3? Though they weren’t heating up quite as quickly as I thought they would, I dropped the pressures to 24 pounds, and they really came alive. In terms of performance, a better performing tire usually means it is also has a limited lifespan.

Shawn, on the R888R, took First Place in the CSP class and then finished Third overall for the entire field, which is an impressive statistic. I only had 1 track day on them and I can say compare to the RE-11, the RS-3 has much more dry grip, and hotter the temp, the better. Supposedly they remain pretty consistent throughout their life in regards to heat cycles as well. Other than that - I haven't been able to quantify the benefits versus other tires. All of this fun thanks to Toyo Tires, and we earned some Toyo Bucks in the process because we had our requisite Toyo Tires decals on the Miata at the track. (Lead Photo above: Jane Absalom. You'll probably be able to get them purchased, shipped, then mounted, for less than you can purchase them from most other places, even online. My 3R's lasted only 2 track days though but I was running them on the street for about 1k miles with the track alignment. There’s no need to kid ourselves, these tires belong on the race track. The sidewall construction of the Toyo Proxes RR is what really delivers the performance and responsiveness for which the Toyo RR is known. Im not concerned with noise or wear either. I am assuming track use did them in. Good news again from Toyo: they have that covered with the Toyo Proxes R888R. For our tire test on our Project CrossTime Mazda Miata, we started at 26 pounds cold, knowing as the tire warmed up, the pressure would increase within the range (32 to 38 pounds) that Marc Sanzenbacher from Toyo recommended. On the R888R, we won the CSP class and finished in the top-three overall at an autocross. I'll post a comparison in a month or two. My SS 1LE's toe was completely jacked immediately after its first event, and we're planning on the ZL1-1LE needing another alignment after VIR this coming weekend. When everyone was required to use the R888s' date=' you'd start to see cars just slide of the track for no reason other than tires giviing up (it happened so often that it almost became comical to watch for when it would happen to the next guy). As the event continued and heat built up in the R888R, Shawn located more confidence in the tire and found it was doing what he wanted as he tossed the Miata around the cones and used as much grip in the tires as was available.

I went ahead and got the R1R because they were the only track tires I could find in town that could get them on today. They just give up after about 4 to 5 heat cycles with absolutely no warning. If it's just for playing around with on the weekends then it doesn't matter haha. The RA1 and R888 will wear out much quicker than the R1R. The RR has a treadwear rating of 40, while the R888R has a treadwear rating of 100. At the end of each day of tire testing with the Toyo Proxes RR and the Toyo Proxes R888R, we were thrilled. Interesting...that is the opposite of what I would expect. No experience with the NT01’s but the seem to be popular enough. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and were not frozen. I have a set of NT01's ordered and will try them next. I’m talking summer days in CA as I’m sure they are crap in cold or wet days. Come discuss mods, horsepower, engine specs and more!

I'm not ready to order for another month or so, but I'll save his contact. #2 Toyo's tread patterns are designed by engineers from day one while most of nitto's spend time in design studios first and then worked by engineers to optimize. It was time for us to find out if any of that corporate jargon was true by slapping on a set of Triple-8Rs onto the Project CrossTime Miata and having Shawn Brereton hit the track again. ^ R888s are a bad idea IMHO unless you understand how limited their life is. On the RR, we earned a podium finish in a Spec Miata road race at MIR. That article covers the treadwear rating, which is important to understand because it is one of the significant differences (besides the tread pattern) of the Toyo Proxes RR and the Toyo Proxes R888R. So that’s exactly how I tested it. Just finished up a set of Eagle F1 Supercar 3R. The rears are into the wear bars all the across. I run Cup2’s on road course which you can’t go wrong with and tread wear with some minor wetness on the ground is a better choice. Thanks for the responses. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

He's a good guy and can help match you to the right tire if you tell him what you're looking for. I'm very happy with his recommendation. On the RR, we earned a podium finish in a Spec Miata road race at MIR. During the Spec Miata race main event, Shawn found the predictability of the tires allowed him to drive hard and consistent during the race. Way to make this decision harder man! VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Both of these treadwear ratings indicate these tires are incredibly soft. As scary as this was, this dodge move was effortless compared to how many other cars may have handled the situation. That is a win! I have not done back to back testing on the tires you mentioned. Looking for new track setup. I only had 1 track day on them and I can say compare to the RE-11, the RS-3 has much more dry grip, and hotter the temp, the better. Thanks, Michael. I have 19x10 front and 19x11 rear wheels, they bolt on without any spacers.

I would have gotten 3 days. Run after run, Shawn began to trust the tires more and drive the car harder, which the tires seemed to appreciate. In the more recent D’Garage articles revolving around the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, we utilized the popular Toyo Proxes R1R tires with great success. Shawn ran super consistent and picked up a podium finish in Spec Miata while testing a fresh set of Toyo RRs. I'm replacing my worn 205/45R16 and 235/40/R17 Dunlop Direzza Starspecs with 205/40R16 and 235/40R17 Toyo R1Rs. I'm going to need to order a set within the next 6 weeks. Sure, they're a Hoosier...! I was going to go with R888s in 295/305 stagger setup after doing my own research, but the 295 is on national back order and I have an event next weekend. The company is Radial Tire. In this lineup, you’ll find full-slick racing tires, DOT competition tires, and extreme performance all-season and summer tires. For our Toyo Proxes R888R test, we again used our Racepak Vantage to look at data, create track maps, and see the improved performance from the tires. It’s not going to happen unless you have some very sticky tires. The 305 NT01 is too wide for a 10" wheel, fits perfectly on the 11" however. With the tires hot and functioning at full capacity, the only difficulty in driving the car was finding its limits. is a forum community dedicated to the LS1 Pontiac GTO. I think the only issue with the rs3 is finding them, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Just did Road Atlanta a full 2 seconds faster on 285 RE71Rs than I did on 305 NT01s... food for thoughts. While you're on hold, several people will pick up the call, but wait for Paul. Despite a small amount of floating on turn-in, the tires were plenty responsive to remain predictable and high performing in a track environment. When you are trying to improve your car’s performance, the first thing you should be looking at is the tires. At the end of each day of tire testing with the Toyo Proxes RR and the Toyo Proxes R888R, we were thrilled. Here's a little difference between the two companies. My plan is to use 295 front / 305 rear tires (so pretty close to square). From a spec miata driver on TrackMidwest: The best value/grip you can get out there is the SM6 Hoosier for $166 each direct from Hoosier. Weight (205/50R15): 20 pounds No prob, I always check shipping and 'fine print' areas whenever buying stuff online. The Toyos performed flawlessly and allowed our hot shoe driver, Shawn Brereton, to throw his Mazda Miata around some racecourses with reckless abandon. However, they do prefer them to be heat-cycled once and scuffed-in before racing use. You say you want to run a sub-two-minute lap around Buttonwillow Raceway? I love star pecs and rs-3 but couldn't find them in time. I don't know how good his pricing is on it, but he's always been best of every tire I've checked. If you considered RE-11 and Star Spec, ever thought about Hankook RS-3? The only question was, with the slick design of the RR, what would Shawn do should light rain be in the forecast? If your plan for a day at the race track is to tease your car’s limits and shoot for lap times, with the ability to take you home and back again for the next one, the Proxes R888Rs may need to be your next upgrade. The inside edges of the fronts showed signs of overheating (blistering). Paul is the only person you should talk to. I'm installing ZL1 1LE sized wheels > 19 X 11 and 19 X 12. I want to see how tracking improves with initial changes before moving to bigger changes. The R888 's are only good for 3 cycles and that's assuming you shave them down to 3/32 tread or less. I just killed my first set of 3r's. I’ll give up a tenth of a second for that any day!”. Rob Krider will race absolutely anything. He is a multi-national champion racing driver and is also the author of the novel, Cadet Blues.

I dont think it would look bad at all.

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nt01 vs r888r miata

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