And this is on the lowest quality setting in Cura for my printer. this answer) using the G92 G-code command: or when you are able to connect to the printer over USB using a printer terminal (e.g.

report the plugin as suspicious here. You need to change the Z value in the G0 command Ok, the BLTouch is too high, what's about the nozzle? It's pretty much as easy as it gets and you can easily test different settings. Pull up the line with your fingers and examine it. If this plugin is doing something suspicious (e.g. Add input to the control view for editing the z probe offset on marlin based printers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. G0 Z0.2 ; Move the head to 0.2 mm G92 Z0 ; Call this Z = 0 or when you are able to connect to the printer over USB using a printer terminal (e.g. Dont just say load this code or that code, also say where and with what app or interface. Take a second to support 3DPrintBeginner on Patreon! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. So, none of the above has work, I think something is overriding any settings I’m put in. Which I have no idea how to do. It's just perfection, in my humble opinion. Remember this part? When I send prints through Octoprint, the z-offset is way off every time. This has been updated so that anyone that had my issues can see what I did. etc. All that will overwrite the Z home you just did. In Ultimaker Cura : Open the plugin manager ("Toolbox"->"Browse packages...") and install "Z Offset Setting", a new parameter will be available in the "Build Plate Adhesion" settings menu called "Z Offset".

This one has my vote, I use it myself when printing PETG.

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octoprint z offset

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