Percy groaned out as he gritted his teeth, his hips and his position freezing as she undulated on her hips. She was wearing her usual revealing outfit, but that wasn't what caught Percy off guard. Please, Percy! She whispered huskily. "Yes–" Annabeth said breathlessly. "Y - yes." "I know, Percy." "Don't! He inserted his throbbing dock back into Annabeth and put his hands on her tits, releasing a moan from her. I shifted my weight, allowing my soft cock to exit Aphrodite's seed filled pussy, and sat up. Aphrodite moaned, squeezing her legs around my waist, which made her pull me closer to her and made my cock slide even deeper in her pussy. Percy and Aphrodite This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Aphrodite.

", Percy sighed and faced the daughter of Athena. After the whole ordeal was over, Aphrodite took me to her summer palace in Cyprus, where she said we were going to live.

"We did indeed.".

"Do you want us to go tell Zeus?".

I know by now that gods don't just randomly visit people because they feel like it. "You're so tight!

I looked at my godly lover and saw that she was smiling brightly at me. "What are you saying? He flipped Annabeth over so she was on the bottom and leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Are you ready?".

Aphrodite whimpered from beneath my covers. Please? You still have a long way to go to get back on my good side. You now have the ability to enchant and allure any girl you come in contact with or desire greatly, your hormones will connect with theirs and they will be just as amorous as you feel at that moment. Figure out how to turn it on in bed, and you will immediately become my champion!". ", "Uh… no, I can't say that I have.

Especially considering you, Perseus, who has saved Olympus not once, but twice. "Mmmmmm." Why do you think I'm naked under these covers? She started bouncing up and down repeatedly, undulating her hips with Percy's member. Percy has almost forgotten his deal with Aphrodite, that is, until a sudden flash of bright light illuminated the dimming cabin. Percy looked at Aphrodite with as much scorn as curiosity. "No matter what you look like, I will always think you are hot.". "That's okay, it's mine too. But we only made love once! It's not like I have a vagina! Aphrodite's tone was deadly serious.

She paused and eyed the erection suspiciously, then looked down at the floor. She had a black eye, her hair was all messed up, her lips were swollen, and dark bruises decorated her face.

Her eyes were a different color, and her hair was several shades darker. I said as she smiled brightly at me. I said, slowly getting out of my cloths, making Aphrodite smile at me through her tears.

"So what all does it entail? Aphrodite said, coming around the bed and taking my hand. ", "Go." "Your basically raping me!"

", "Y - your face." "Mmmm, nice. Then I remembered the night before with Aphrodite, but... Aphrodite had marks on her face. "Fine. Y - your cock is probably the biggest I have ever seen. I've given men like you the ability to charmspeak any woman into bed, create a harem of their own choosing, make the love of their lives fall madly in love with them, and even alter physical forms. When I enchant you, you will beg me to have some fun with you."

He muttered a silent curse. ", "T - true." Chiron said, then I heard him galloping through the grass.

Aphrodite whimpered, just sitting there, her eyes filling up with tears. "Ares and Hephaestus did what to you?". she stammered, placing my hand on her belly. I said, kissing her on the lips. Percy took a deep breath. "What?" He snapped out of it and noticed the handcuffs. "You have satisfied me and so I shall bestow upon you a very special and unbreakable enchantment.

she said playfully, wrapping her arm around me. "I need comfort."

"Who?" "Okay, I get it." The war itself would change Olympus, and Percy knew this.

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