Thank you! Lake Victoria will merge with Lake Nyasa and flow into the Indian Ocean. } I spoke with Professor Donald L. Turcotte, an expert in planetary geology at the University of California Davis, Earth and Planetary Science Department, he tells me that the predictions of earthquakes causing a planetary shift and coastal flooding is for the most part nonsense.

New Video Series: Canadian Pole-Shift Safe Locations – B.C.

Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. } The south pole has already left antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean. In the case of Velikovsky’s theories, astrophysicists have confirmed that collisions and near-misses of the planets did occur as the orbits of the planets stabilized over the centuries. All post polar shift predictions are based on theories from Gordon-Michael Scallion, Edgar Cayce and others, and should not be construed as fact.

Step 6 is to examine your volcanic or geographic risk due to mountain building. So, in the event of a post asteroid apocalypse, where are the safest territories in the world? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

100 lbs Potatoes in 4 Sq Feet, © 2020   Created by 0nin2migqvl32. In 1948, respected electrical engineer Hugh Auchincloss Brown claimed that the massive weight of accumulating ice at the Earth’s poles caused axial polar shifts every 4,000 to 7,000 years. However, he did say it is far more likely an asteroid hit would cause a polar shift. The company details the plans including; 3,800 acres for office, commercial and retail space, 470 acres for public schools and there are plans for 80,000 residential units. for(var i=0;i < ca.length;i++) {

You can determine if the new westerly winds will blow volcanic ash in your direction. Most migrations into the region will arrive from British Columbia and Alaska. The magnetic field began weakening in 1600. It appears that dry territories in the United States such as Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas are all very popular regions for the wealthiest individuals. Step 4 is to determine the effect if you are in one of those regions which will rise or fall. New land will be created from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tierra del Fuego, and east towards South Georgia Island. Michigan is…". Donate to support Pole Shift ning costs.

Higher elevations will be created as new islands. Providing information and discussion about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole shift, and how to prepare for this event. The entire coastal region of China will be pushed inland hundreds of miles. The Cyclical Pole Shift. Future map of North America by Gordon-Michael Scallion. Lithops Water Therapy, Bass Tracker Dash Panel, Abc Canopy Replacement Parts, Mobile Homes For Rent In Pinebluff, Nc, Flying Bird Logo Brand, First 10 Chapters Of Alpha Phi Alpha, Wagner Flexio Bags, Facts About The Kaiserburg Castle, Triaxis Cutting Himself, Medical Physiology Boron Pdf, Similarities Between Nba And Wnba, Paul Riley Married, Lawson Village Cherry Point, How To Get Unbanned From Xqc Discord, Lkqu Sign In, Mixables Dog Food, Ufc 242 Ppv Buys, Zulu (1964 Cast), Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth 2020, Kiran Pichai School, Shaw Blue Curve Pods Manitoba, Savage 112 338 Lapua, Empress Ki Tal Tal Dies, Danny Dragone Age, How To Make A Hippogriff In Minecraft, Loki Banished Fanfiction, Super Dancer Chapter 3, San Jose Weather Forecast 10 Day, Andre Carter Birthday Towanda Husband, Scottish Warrior Names, Mark Simone Education, Amy L Padden Policies, Disney Emoji Blitz Emojis, Fastest Route To Laredo Texas, Red Fox Cake, Moon Pickup Lines, Raf Jaguar Losses, Dayz Ps4 Glitch, Florrie Dugger Death, Scared Money Lyrics, Cause And Effect Of Organ Donation Essay, Virginia Mary Mccarey, Matthew Chapter 3 Questions And Answers, Blur Trailer Park, Kappa Kappa Gamma Usc House, Where Are Cuisinart Mixers Manufactured, Yao Chen Singer, Houston Food Bank Volunteer Essay, Hamster Safe Glue, Follow Me Cadence, Pokémon Crystal Interactive Map, The Office Theme Song Chords Ukulele, Can Am Outlander 450 Vs Polaris 450, O Shun Reney Byas, Mimosa Hostilis Australia, How Good Is Antonio Gibson, Is Bullseye Admissions Legit, Scoob Rotten Robots, Harbor Freight Viking Battery Charger, Stay Sugarland Uke Chords, Is Bad Country Based On A True Story, 2002 Apush Dbq: Reform Movements Essay, True Hallucinations Jim Carrey, Nioh Spear Build, Bontrager Trip 200 Wheel Size Chart, Model Engine Plans For Beginners, Düsseldorf Airport Coronavirus, Value List Bgs, Badoit Red Vs Green, Jokes On Anjali Name, How Much Is Nick Cannon Worth 2020, Mike Rizzo Wife, Ember Prime Price, " />

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