Several times I have marked individual flowers and found out that each lasts but a day. [17] The prickly pear is so commonly found in the Maltese islands, it is often used as a dividing wall between many of Malta's characteristic terraced fields in place of the usual rubble walls. Opuntia fragilis var. Mayes, V., Lacy, B. Although they are living symbols of deserts, cacti are actually all about water. Delvaux often tells his classes about how Meriwether Lewis was introduced to the benefits of chokecherry.

[10] The moth Cactoblastis cactorum, from South America, whose larvae eat prickly pear, was introduced in 1925 and rapidly reduced the cactus population. They can be found also in the Struma River in Bulgaria, in southern Portugal and Madeira (where they are called tabaibo, figo tuno, or "Indian figs"), in Andalusia, Spain (where they are known as higos chumbos).

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