Especially on how we are both the BODY and the BRIDE of Christ. "We will still be here at least a few more September's"Now THAT is date setting. (It was stunning as it was clearly visible to the naked eye! I’ve always believed very deeply and the pre-tribulation rapture. They are right below the woman’s feet, ready and waiting to devour the male child, just as the prophecy foretold (“…and the dragon stood before the woman… to devour her child as soon as it was born.”). Jacob wrestled until the dawning of the day; and at the dawning of the day, God pronounced His blessing upon Jacob, re-naming him “Israel”. So God has created this wave of water to give us much insight into just what those heads and horns and crowns all represent on the Revelation 13 Beast. Thus He gives to us a sign of His coming for His bride the Church in the miracle of change. The Bible foreshadows things to come by "types". The Spiritual Year 5778 is 355-days. ABOVE PICTURE: The Pleiades: Mystery Babylon: Mother of Harlots, ABOVE PICTURE: The Pleiades: The Captive Angel Constellation, ABOVE PICTURE: Winter – Revelation 12 Woman with Eagle Wings, Revelation 12 Dragon – Winter – Hyades, Pleiades, etc…not for commercial uses, Woman of Revelation 12 Flees to Wilderness – – not for commercial uses, Apotheosis of War – Wikimedia – US Public Domain, Jesus in Jeans by Peter Royle WIKIMEDIA SHARE-ALIKE LICENSE, Revelation 12 star-chart: Orion Fights Dragon.

And add this to the comet 21P sign, which seems to be indicate the rapture, and you have the makings of a high prophecy alert. I might just add that there was also “The Conception Comet”, Borisov C/2017 E1 in 2016 that after thousands of years of being virtually stationary in the Constellation of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah, left Leo and went through the belly of Virgo just before Jupiter entered her (Galatians 4:26) and went into gestation. Lol... sometimes I just have to make time. The fact that Venus will be under the feet of Virgo, near and parallel with Serpens (the seven heads of the dragon) at the same time as four separate meteor showers are occurring along the path of the dragon, completes the picture. I am amazed at the shear volume of data available to us today! "The quotation marks mean this is a direct quotation of G-d. By this we know who is speaking and who these two are. It has 7 heads with crowns on each of them and 10 horns. Now I’m seeing a snake coiled protectively around its nest creating a no-pass zone around her offspring. This is interesting timing considering Pres Trump's peace plan announcement is only a few weeks away.

So I want to bring your attention back to 2017 and the series of signs that occurred (particularly on September 23–24, October 13, November 13, and December 25).

Also pointing to Genesis 3:15 and maybe Isaiah 55:3 as well, is the bright star in the heel of Auriga which is called Elnath and means “Wounded”.

Ignore the time as that is Eastern time. ABOVE PICTURE – Starry Night at La Silla – cropped  and altered image – Wikimedia – Share-Alike license, New York Times Square – terabass – cropped image – Wikipedia – Share-alike License, Shoppers in Toronto – cropped image – Wikimedia – share-alike license, Astronomy Amateur – cropped image – Wikipedia – share-alike license, ABOVE CHART: Summer Constellations with Doves (Sagittarius) & Woman (Ursa Major), ABOVE PICTURE: Orion the Soldier and the Revelation 12 Dragon (Hyades & Pleiades, etc.) Can someone chime in and state why the Jewish religious year might have started with the first new moon AFTER the spring equinox? September 2019 will be here for us to see, but I am expecting much demonic activity playing out as this last year has seen.Time will reveal and we must be prepared always as any of us could die the next minute.I know I am a thorn here and with God as my witness, I am concerned for newbies loosing faith when all these amazing numbers come and go. 12:9; in the Greek drakōn and ophis). So, expanding upon Richard's thread of thought, we have the two John's prophetically hinting at the meaning behind Donald John Trump being president at this time signalling the rapture. Learning to lean hard on the Word? Somehow that context makes sense.Or am I imagining things? Revelation 12 is one of these overviews, providing a history stretching from the time before humans existed until the time just before Christ’s return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All of this will happen on the heels of the Draconid meteor shower which falls seven (7) days after the Eighth Day Solemn Assembly (Shemini Atzeret). It is what the, But wait! Shabbat HaGadol is the Sabbath immediately before Pesach (Passover) and is well (IMHO) worth study in relation to the church and the Rapture. 2 He was with God in the beginning. Oh wow Gary, this is really interesting! The dragon has these characteristics WHEN it is about to devour the child. But as a a CHURCH, we have always been referred to in the feminine form. Pastor Rich, I feel as though I always diligently seek God and do so in this matter as well. The church of Philadelphia has developed from mostly English-spoken nations then, beginning with Great Britain spreading over to the USA by various missionaries around 1700 AD. I tried doing some research on this, and I found the following:Exodus 34:22: And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year's end.“The Hebrew word translated "year's end" is "tequphah." May or may not be so.

923.September 11, 3 BC - Possible conception or birth of Christ, or, at the very least, a key part of the Star of BethlehemSeptember 11, 1985 - Spacecraft first encounters Comet 21P, the source of the DraconidsSeptember 11, 2001 - The Twin Towers fallSeptember 11, 2018 - ?? "Hopefully this all sounds familiar to us? At precisely 2:30 AM local time in Israel on Yom Teruah, Comet 21P will leave the boundaries of Auriga—appearing to exit this doorway into Heaven.

But by night’s end, both. Yes, that's a nice way to fit in those 75 days. Of course there are spiritual implications to this verse as well. Second so that we may clearly warn the world. (Today it is widely marked as Rosh Hashana for the Civil New Year). He is also the One who, after His resurrection, was taken up in a cloud to Heaven (Acts 1:9-11) as you have correctly pointed out. KETSSSSSHHHHHH!!!! That time has come. )- Late winter – Ursa Major – you may use with credit – NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

"To me it makes sense that G-D's story would start with the first of His calendar year. This timeline models a Rosh Chodesh rapture ending month seven and beginning month eight. (Interesting note.. What is the Greatest Commandment? So, without further ado, I present to you what I think may in fact be the sign of the dragon, or perhaps something very, very close to it…. Remember how the high priest wore two onyx stones on his shoulders, each stone representing 6 tribes of Israel, (picture to left)? Thanks for chiming in!I tend to count backwards and start with the supposed date of the birth (conception) of our Lord. Ryan Loewen I hope this helps explain when the new year starts. Draco is the eighth largest constellation in the night sky, occupying an area of 1083 square degrees. Yes, perhaps some of our interpretations are off, after all we are human. There are two analogies (Eph. On June 21st Venus was in conjunction with the Beehive Cluster right in the middle of Cancer, crossing the symbolic threshold of Heaven and earth. COUGH! Now let’s back up a few weeks to September 11th and the Feast of Trumpets. As Gary observed above, Strong's Greek Concordance #354 is, analémpsis: a taking upOriginal Word: ἀνάληψις, εως, ἡPart of Speech: Noun, FeminineTransliteration: analémpsisPhonetic Spelling: (an-al'-ape-sis)Short Definition: a taking up, lifting upDefinition: a taking up, lifting up.Source: if you count non-inclusive days it's still one-year or 353-days.

The Torah calendar starts the next day, our Thursday, September 11, 0003 BCE that evening at sunset on M6D30.M7D1 of 0003 BCE was a Thursday (5th day) and Yom Teruah. Therefore the enormous red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns on this heads could be the constellations, meteor showers, and comet that is talked about in this article. This sign includes a woman (Israel) and a child (the body of Christ, the church). Luke even makes mention of Pollux and Castor, which constitute the constellation Gemini in Acts 28:11. I just can't SEE the pictures and don't understand how it all works. At the same time King Herod (type of the devil) seek to devour the savior child as soon as he was born, but he was 2 years late. And the word "ended" is the 8th word. Here are some interesting quotes from, "Although the nucleus of comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner is estimated to be just over a mile (about 2 km) wide, the heat the comet is now feeling from the sun has caused it to develop a coma or cometary atmosphere some 180,000 miles (about 290,000 km) in diameter, according to observations by Northolt Branch Observatories in London.This means comet 21P now has an atmosphere about twice the diameter of our solar system’s biggest planet, Jupiter! Aside from guaranteeing the overcoming (sola fide) Church that they will rule the nations with a rod of iron (just as the male child does in Rev.

So why is this constellation not made of all red stars?

We are the Bride of Christ. Third, I have no desire to take credit for all of this. September 11, 0003 BC is the date that Rick Larson has suggested and I agree with much of his findings on the topic as good potentials. The prophecy states that the dragon’s tail will sweep one-third of the stars of Heaven to the earth. But the Ark is a type by function if not by form. Stan, fortunately Our Divine Shepard Oversees All. 21. (John 1:1-3 CSB)Please do not fear the numbers or the signs. I guess I'm critiquing myself here at this point. Interesting observations I noticed yesterday that after Venus STOPS on Shemini Atzeret and over the course of the next few days starts heading UPWARDS, that eventually it conjuncts with Spica. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron” (Revelation 19:15). ... wait for it! Keeping in mind there are only about 5000 viewable stars at night that can be viewed with the naked eye in either hemisphere, seeing 1/3 of the stars fall is looking like a strong possibility especially if the Dragon (Draco) awakens.

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