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For example: Cascade 220. Share your craft and knowledge or pick up some tips. Look around on the internet for information on the old yarn and see if you can discern the weight. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The first thing to remember, is to swatch, swatch, swatch. We use cookies to enhance your experience and improve the quality of our site. This matters as different brands and types of yarn come in different amounts, and when you’re following a pattern or making a new garment you will want to make sure you have enough for your project. You can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email. Garments can be ruined by improper yarn substitutions, and almost every knitter has a story about a project that went wrong. You can also search by fiber content, gauge and lots more. These are colors that blend, but are not necessarily exact matches.

From plant based fibers such as cotton or bamboo to animal fibers like alpaca and wool, the type of fiber you choose will impact the drape, stretch and stitch definition of your knitting or crochet. The first step is to compare the yarn weight. When you know what your yarn weight is, and you know what yarn weights you have in your stash, we can get started. We've got you covered!

Or if, say, you’re making that cool summer tote - you might want to choose a cotton or t-shirt yarn because of its light and breezy finish! Yarn substitution made easy. Substituting yarn is a tricky thing to do, especially with patterns that require a specific gauge.

When substituting yarn, it’s super important to check the yardage, which is the length of your yarn, in your new ball or skein compared to the one you are substituting. You can unsubscribe from this publication at any time by clicking "unsubscribe" in any of the emails you receive from Yarnspirations.

If not, you’ll need to do some serious experimenting with swatching to find the right yarn weight for the pattern. If in doubt, we always recommend knitting or crocheting a swatch before making your project, so you can check the gage, stretch and texture before committing to your new yarn. Purple, 774 Lt. Raspberry, 528 Med. Another option is to double up your DK and use a bigger needle or hook size, but whatever you decided you just need to make sure the gage is matched. There once was a time that there wasn’t an industry standard of yarn weight, and sometimes the weight instead referred to the number of plies the yarn had. This is thanks to the cellular makeup of plants, with their rigid block-like formations. When determining the weight of a new yarn, wool mills and yarn suppliers usually adhere to an industry standard. All rights reserved. Purple, 530 Orchid, 774 Lt. Raspberry, 380 Windsor Blue, 382 Country Blue, 528 Med. Garments can be ruined by improper yarn substitutions, and almost every knitter has a story about a project that went wrong.

Explore Different Yarn Fibers. 505 Aruba Sea, 512 Turqua, 341 Light Gray. The first thing to remember, is to swatch, swatch, swatch.


Primary Stripes. The best way to be sure when using an acrylic yarn to substitute, is to read reviews on the yarn and sneak a peek at how much twist the yarn has. Knowing your fibers means you have more power to choose the right substitute to suit your project. 0656 Real Teal, 365 Coffee, 3862 Jade. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

334 Buff, 378 Claret, 380 Windsor Blue, 633 Dark Sage, 330 Linen, 334 Buff, 336 Warm Brown, 382 Country Blue, 322 Pale Yellow, 347 Lt. Periwinkle, 358 Lavender, 530 Orchid, 530 Orchid, 631 Light Sage, 661 Frosty Green, 322 Pale Yellow, 373 Petal Pink, 381 Light Blue, 311 White, 358 Lavender, 672 Spring Green, 722 Pretty 'n Pink, 382 Country Blue, 380 Windsor Blue, 631 Lt. Sage, 320 Cornmeal, 334 Buff, 505 Aruba Sea, 624 Tea Leaf, 347 Lt. Periwinkle, 528 Med. If the pattern suggests a DK weight yarn, then look at DK weight yarns to substitute. Only yarns containing metallic thread are included in this list, but you can easily widen the search. Here's the part where we answer some of your most popular questions!

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