The issue is now a previous forward doesn't show up on the Bluecurve home page and anyway I prefer to manage these things locally.

Same issue here. Hello, So with Shaw not making house calls right now I am in a pickle.

Why does the bluecurve modem know when a router is connected and why does it not be allowed to get an IP? I was on chat with multiple tech supports the past two days. Have you checked the firewall rules on the PC to which you're forwarding the ports? Hey r/minecraft, I hope you are all having a good night. Hello, So with Shaw not making house calls right now I am in a pickle. My friends and I trying to set up a Minecraft server on a dedicated pc. I contacted Shaw Support and was told that they do not support port forwarding and could not help me. That's not ease of access. By Shane C. of .

I am very strongly leaning to something on Shaw's back end blocking all MAC addresses that are from third party routing, which is very strange that it would only block routing and not clients. Using the exact same cable and port that has an IP from the modem under Win10, it no longer shows a linkup with the router when I switch over the server to pfSense standalone, or ipFire standalone. Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. Helping my grandma who spends Winters in Tucson get access to her Shaw blue curve / Canadian news, curling etc. We have had some issues with port forwarding. I am using the Shaw blue curve app on my phone, and it's just not working. I was comfortable allowing him router access, but why is giving him the information to my Shaw account now the only way to allow him to forward ports on his own? My friends and I trying to set up a Minecraft server on a dedicated pc. Who's dumb idea was this? We're both techy people and we require the ability to forward ports on a regular basis.

Both of these addresses are reachable from the outside world. I am using the Shaw blue curve app on my phone, and it's just not working.

just to clarify, we are not running out of DHCP addresses... Hey everyone!

Hello, So with Shaw not making house calls right now I am in a pickle. Can anyone direct me to a solution to either get that advanced port forwarding page back, or another solution?

Who's dumb idea was this? There's no need for your router to use Shaw's proxy-server(s). They push back the blame saying its my computer or cable or Router, go contact your router manufacturer when my Router clearly says "there's a problem with the ISP Proxy". That sounds like a great tool! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. I have set up a port using the router settings and even set up a static IPv4 for my computer. Port forwarding can sometimes be a rather big pain in the butt. I can elaborate more with  the strangeness: a) the same cabling setups and ports as it worked originally. If I connect a router or internet gateway through it's WAN port, they cannot get an IP address. Press 1 to select "Product and technical support/Activate a receiver." Try Auto band A B G AC with WPA/WPA2 Personal. If so, is it then possible for that person to access the web-server inside the BlueCurve router, to make additional changes? I am using a Shaw Hitron CGNM-2250 modem/router.

I'll try it out tomorrow, thanks a ton! Hey r/shaw, I hope you are all having a good night. All rights reserved. I have tried Ubiquiti's Unifi Security gateway, Ubiquiti's EdgeMAX 4 port router, various old Linksys routers, and software based server routing using ipFire or pfSense: none of them can get an WAN IP. I have tried changing ports and setting new static ips but nothing seems to be working. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Trying to port forward and BlueCurve Modem, Re: Trying to port forward and BlueCurve Modem.

If not that, the modem can't even bootup and blinks Green forever. ... (not to mention port forwarding), but did Shaw REALLY need to change things once again? My only source of income right now revolves around my job for livestreaming for Amazon, I have been having to do so on WiFi (due to an outlet in the studio not working) but there is a huge mirror on … A) Port ranges and functions: the typical DVR/NVR Connection Mode programming screen. These points are only listed here as helpful troubleshooting ideas, since Shaw can only support Shaw equipment. But, apparently you need to contact Shaw to have them add the free second up to your account.

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shaw blue curve port forwarding not working

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