This sound can be heard most often when they are cuddling up to go to sleep. Please visit our animal info tabs or consider purchasing a care guide book for additional information. Watch their body language when they make this sound to tell if they are in pain or just annoyed/afraid. Sounds like: teeth chattering mixed with low pitched squeaks, similar to the noise a guinea pig makes, half-purring / half-chirping. If your joey is crabbing, then it is probably feeling scared or startled; try to give it a little more space and approach it more slowly. For this reason, I do not recommend putting your joey's cage in your bedroom! The reasoning is simple. Many people think that one of it’s possible meanings is to say: “I LOVE YOU”… and I’ll have to admit that this makes at least some sense, because there are many times when Bandit will just come up out of my shirt…put his nose RIGHT behind my ear – and just start chirping for no apparent reason. We're trying to create the best experience for you & your fuzzy family. If you’re like most new parents – you didn’t know WHAT to think the first time you heard THAT noise coming from your cage! Singing - Glider moms sing to their babies while they are still in the pouch, this is a very sweet and rhythmic sound, and you can definitely tell she is singing to them.. Sounds like: a mix of crabbing, barking, and general noise from the cage because the sugar gliders are usually jumping around. while all are out playing Dad will bark, the others stop, frozen right where they are, and listen all so intently, until he is done. The last primary noise that you will occasionally hear a Sugar Bear make is something that sounds like a repetitive “HISSING” or “SNEEZING” sound… Fortunately, its meaning isn’t nearly as “sinister” as it sounds. When you hear the combinations of sounds like in the video from your females, you are hearing that they are in heat and calling for a mate. That did not help, and today he took the glider apart, finding out that one of the bearings was extremely worn out. Click to read our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or Disclosure.

this sound if fussing or fighting, will not generally last for a continually long period of time. 4. They are chattering, barking, chirping, and sneezing. It’s the sugar glider’s version of a cat licking itself clean. Proudly created with Hissing. Sugar gliders have a unique sound that some people describe as a swarm of locusts, with a noise that ebbs in and out with a high pitch. Bark - this is an interesting sound, it sounds much like a puppy yipping.. One of my male gliders likes to hiss quite often just to let us know that he is awake. Sugar gliders have large eyes, soft coats with a bark dorsal (back) stripe), and small triangular ears. It’s a sound that is made when a glider is expressing their affection to either their human or to one another.

Chirping is a soft purring or chirping sound. For attention from their "person". If you have just introduced a couple of gliders, and haven't made sure they get along, be sure you watch them closely, this sound could mean the death of one. Sugar gliders can make a gentle sneezing or hissing sound. Don’t fret, your sugar glider is not possessed. As it turned out, their neighbor got home from work every night exactly at that time, and each time he swung into the driveway, his headlights would flash through the window (right into the Sugar Bear’s cage) – and then he would “rev up” his souped-up car a couple times right before shutting it off! They may bark or “talk”, trying to find a sugar glider friend. Vet Explains Pets is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s a ritual that’s very similar to a cat licking it’s paw and then grooming itself. Reason: wanting to comfort joey, happy, content. Contact your local vet for questions regarding your personal pet needs. When the Alpha Glider fears of something that may be a threat, it may bark. Under normal circumstances, sugar gliders can make four primary types of sounds. Sugar Gliders can live 5-7 years and are social animals, easily becoming depressed without friends. Crabbing. The most common sound you will hear is called crabbing; it sounds a lot like an electric pencil sharpener and can be quite loud. Now at home, this might happen at night when they’re suddenly exposed to somebody they don’t know, or a strange animal, or even a strange noise.

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