Annie after trying to kidnap Lizzie Spaulding fled town. As young girls, they sang in public for spare change. He played attorney Steve Baker, who resides in an apartment with his wife (played by Bal), two daughters and a father-in-law (portrayed by Demarest). Terri DeMarco (1953-86) (his death) 1 child Murray Hamilton (March 24, 1923 – September 1, 1986) was an American stage, screen, and television actor who appeared in such memorable films as The Hustler , The Graduate , and Jaws .

In an early role, he performed on stage with Henry Fonda in the classic wartime story Mister Roberts as a replacement for David Wayne, playing Ensign Pulver. [7] Also, Hamilton portrayed Calhoun, on (S4E9) of Gunsmoke, which aired in April, 1959. [4] He was approached to reprise his role in Jaws: The Revenge, but died in 1986 aged 63 . Cynthia Watros is the actress most closely identified with the role; she played Annie from November 29, 1994, until February 23, 1998. Terri DeMarco (m. 1953-1986, his death) 1 child Murray Hamilton (March 24, 1923 – September 1, 1986) was an American stage, screen, and television actor who appeared in such memorable films as The Hustler , The Graduate , and Jaws . Soon after, though, In April 1995, Josh's thought-to-be-dead wife, Reva Shayne was found to be alive and well, but Josh remained committed to Annie.

Dec 4, 2019, 6:49am PST. Annie though had a plan, she picked a fight with Reva at the top of the stairs at the Spaulding mansion and made it look like Reva pushed her down the stairs and thus caused her to miscarry. The marriage fell apart, however, because of Annie's alcoholism and her affair with a married man.

In 1975, Hamilton appeared again with Newman in The Drowning Pool. View the profiles of people named Terri DeMarco. In early 1982 he appeared as a judge presiding over an impromptu court case on an episode of Bret Maverick. [citation needed]. [2], • Mama’s Family 1984 TV series [1][2], Born in Washington, North Carolina, Hamilton displayed an early interest in performing during his days at Washington High School just before America's entry into World War II. New York Times theater critic Brooks Atkinson praised his work in the play Stockade, which was based on a part of the James Jones novel From Here to Eternity: "Murray Hamilton is an ideal Prewitt. The role was later recast, after Watros left for other career ventures, with Signy Coleman, who portrayed Annie from July 30, 1998, until July 20, 1999. In the 1959-60 television season, Hamilton also co-starred with William Demarest, Jeanne Bal, and Stubby Kaye in the NBC sitcom Love and Marriage. The pair married legally and Reva married Buzz Cooper, because Josh's children wanted him to stay with Annie. Murray Hamilton (March 24, 1923 – September 1, 1986) was an American stage, screen, and television character actor who appeared in such films as Anatomy of a Murder, The Hustler, The Graduate, The Amityville Horror and Jaws.

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