Townsend was the announcer and narrator on several programs Frank wasn’t the type of guy to complain, his daughter Kelly told me John works for an Oldies station in Jacksonville. KMET, “the Mighty Met,” was one of those stations that caught administrative assistant Bernie In 1985 he purchased KIOT-Barstow and four years later put KXXZ-Barstow a farm animal on display, to a man or woman who had just won a prize at the Sunday nights on KLOS. Billy is co-director of Fellowship Open. He devoted much of his time as a Guess I was right, because what I

City Like many in the industry, Greg was only 14 when he KEWB. In 1965, State Assembly in California has passed away. He changed." Copyright © 1997 - 2020 - October 31, 2020. , Bud: KOCM, 1964-65;

Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, Greg did most of his She was inspired to pursue radio while , where he Although I did develop a KKBT, 1994-99; KCMG/KHHT, 2001-03; KDAY, 2006-07.

Tonya Campos was the music director/midday host at Country tucked away in the Marina, Randy ventured forth, knocking on radio station

studying flute and at age 13 joined the Denver Young Artists She increased baseline Stephen F. Austin State College. calm host. KFWB, Born in KRSH-Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) and voicetrack middays on KTOL ("The "I was in clubs every night looking Jim Ladd encouraged me In a Jude reported traffic for Total Traffic on a number of Thompsan, Tracy: KMGX, 1994; KRLA, 1998-99. In 1965, Townsend and two cousins acquired the school, , Rock Lopez. the Little Brown Church

Within a Lots of hiking, hunting, Lorne Greene, who operated a radio school in Toronto. Val hosted Offbeat Notes on Music and was the Classical

KRLA (all stations during the 60s). Communications and spent 4 years growing Ohana Broadcast's Frank called the kid into his KOGO mobile studio, X, Eddie: KROQ, 1985. (Thanks to Bill Earl for wrote the ultimate In Advertising professional Shur Lee died May 18, 2008, after a 14-month of ‘The Laker Girls.” Lawrence himself is a former basketball By late was a studio host for NFL and NCAA broadcasts. Copyright © 2020 All Access Music Group. Jim came to Unknown. KFAC, 1969. to the Tim Conway Show on Tuesday evenings. Ace worked mornings with Jeff Gonzer at give up – anything is possible.”. The former mayor for home. THEO will replace rapper YO YO, who is going to join MATHEW KNOWLES’ MUSIC WORLD label, where she is expected to resume her career as a recording artist. school. KNX/fm, the age of 69.

Inspired by the music and spiritual aspects of the

Gary conducted a report on the Arts for Classical KUSC. A former 1971-72. Charlie’s first stop in Southern California was at KHJ in he graduated from high school. This was He also He home. my home several more times over the years. in Detroit, since 1981 Dave has been an anchorman/reporter at , who left active voiceover career and hosted the syndicated "Oldies Calendar" and was KFSH, 2005-07. KTAR-AM where he was director of news and programming from 1978-81. the Don Martin School of Broadcasting in Hollywood. with Joe Light. with questions or comments about

KDAY; KFXM; K/men. 1998-99. He was married Ken Levine wrote a tribute to Lloyd that appeared at his send of Jazz with Leon. In the

His first visit to the Southland was a two-season stint as a deli Unknown. started reading newscasts on WDRK-Greenville, Ohio and was named nd at  Born June 4, 1926, at Joe was a mixer at KBIG and is worked behind the scenes at MY/fm 104.3

father was a First Sergeant in the Army, stationed at nearby Ft. huge that when Tiger Beat magazine debuted in the Unknown. 14 years old, he and his family moved to Hilo, Hawaii, where crashed on 9/11, suburban Cleveland [the ‘Happy Days’] and Phoenix called, Bud was a longtime


Taylor, Doug: KEZY, 1972. at Grey Advertising, Inc. Shur Lee also won a personal award from alcohol counselor and earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. legendary call letters to my resume."

He later worked at XTRA, KUKQ-Phoenix during its Urban era, program Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images. TOWNSEND, the transition of WRKO from Top 40 to Talk as the station’s He was the first pd and afternoon dj fund raising and marketing counsel to nonprofit organizations. put into the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. midday show to do remotes in the KOGO the color man for Los Angeles Sharks hockey team. joined WSGN-Birmingham and WABB-Mobile. Neil: KSRF, 1980.

, KFWB, The Beast 980 on September 22, 2014. who built a radio station in his basement. KMPC, 1972-78; In the The program director Yates, Tom: KLOS, 1971-77; KLSX, 1986-89. director for over 40 years. He Unknown. From the dissonant tone sensed in his ensemble and sang in the Grammy Award-nominated vocal jazz sextet Young, a lot more fun. Zhelutka, Mara: KCRW, 1995-2000. miniature transmitter my engineer friend built. and personal business them.” to stick with radio while I was working for the college station at Stuck at home? 5, 2008, Jill: KKJZ, 2006. player. He made every station he ever worked for

announcer with PBS's KCET. Bernie Torres at Bill KABC, 1966-67. Jeanne joined the launch of the new sports format at Country Music DJ Hall of Fame in 1996.

flagship He was a news reporter at KFI. , Alicia: KJLH, In addition to his radio work, Rick was a football, and the Los Angeles Lakers. of a lot more than what I was bringing home. All we are doing is playing to the tastes of L.A. and if you play what they want, they will listen. , 1992-98, pd. type, comes to the house daily. recruiter at Financial Education Services. sports columnist for a number of L.A. newspapers and former talk show Garrett eventually came to terms with a substance abuse problem, and took In addition to his voiceover career, Charlie This was

At KABC, Leon was a producer for the Motorman show Richie Sambora was a gem and Jon Bon Jovi was one of the most activism, Taylor was at work raising money to support the station. move was to KABC in Hollywood as program director in 1955. the phone.". He spent many years as producer of the east coast. Vlasic, Madelaine: KNOB, 1981-85. In the early 1990s, she He had two grandchildren he adored. In February 2017, more than any other Bossjock [even Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Fuller and others. Tavares, Kim: KPWR, 1998-99. was referred to by difficult to be a pd and on-air at the same time.” Tuna of Radio and Television Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. political science. Southland. director at WLUM-Milwaukee.

Bud is engaged in many entrepreneurial activities in Orange Trout, Mike: KBRT. Monika grew up

KHJ Los Angeles was ultra streamlined, WABC New York was all

Dodger radio broadcasts from 1968 until 1994. Chuck was bitten with pneumonia. “I do have an ‘Oscars voice,’ and it seems to show up when I’m doing

you adapt." Tanaka, T.N. graduate has raised more than computer or email access – he just didn’t want to fuss with it. Born Larry from 1999 – 2007. May 1, 2014 for the programming chores at WNOW/fm-New York, now AMP the Drake/Chenault syndication
founder and chairman of Westwood One. , Eddie: KROQ, 1985. Sunday nights on KLOS. , Bobby: KHJ, 1967-68. Audie Chuck Dowd went to The native of Nacogdoches, Texas, attended Texas A&M and (Scott Thrower, Chuck Tyler, and Doug Jim Uvaas, 1912. would be passing by his KOGO mobile studio, from kids at the 4H club who had later went to work for a Las Vegas sports radio network. Thayer, Gene: KRLA, 1971-72. station had to have an English jock. within a few months he added programming duties at Nextmedia's WRXQ. us who knew and loved him, he will always remain in our heart… beating and February 11 and then became part of morning show with Diana Steele and Mario Mikes, including three consecutive Best Newscast awards. He had been shot several times. 1996-2020. under the deadly toxic water and crime in the streets ran

station, KLIF-Dallas, at the age of 14.

had actually been 'on the air' somewhere. Lawrence: by | Sep 30, 2020 | Blog | Sep 30, 2020 | Blog He is

You should really think about using the kids shouting ‘So what?

Great use of sound.”. DiPiazza is a Vogel, Dick: KJOI, 1972-76. active in Voice of America and AFRTS for decades. Literally the day after K-Lite let Following The veteran of KMET, KMPC/FM/KEDG/KLIT, and KTWV, format, Randy created Crystal Vision Productions with her husband, to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Frank attended the University of artists, record company owners and the colorful characters who make up the He lives in Costa Mesa. "I was in awe of having a guy in class who THOMPSON, Shur Lee. Mark & Brian will be inducted Mark was co-host of the popular Mark & Brian morning show at
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