Notice the usage of this word in Scripture: ANGELS CALLED ELOHIM 

Note: This cannot mean that Jehovah (Yahweh) is the God of false gods.

Neither will you find “plural masculine noun” in the Bible. Thank you in advance for clearing your concept up for me. We will keep his name private. For instance, although the Bible when referring in many places to armageddon and the manifestations of Christ taking Kingly power over the earth, it speaks of him bringing down the different governments and systems of this world. Abraham, Genesis 23:6). John 5:18: Since theological bias always seeps into a translation no matter how good the attempt to avoid it we are likely looking at an example of a difficult passage rendered according to what the translator understood the message to be.

There is no scripture in the Bible that says that God is composed of three persons.

This is done in an attempt to make it appear that Jesus was quoting from Exodus 3:14 when Jehovah appeared to Moses at the burning bush, saying “I AM who I AM.”.

Would think that it the principle book of Jehovah Witnesses but actually written by somebody that is not. I ask this to get a better base line for what (and who) you believe Jesus and the Father are.

Matthew 22:37 does render ELOHIM into Greek as Gods, which would be a plural form of the word often transliterated as THEOS, but ELOHIM is rendered in Matthew 22:37 in singular, God. In Genesis, God said lets make man in our image. Included in these are, World English Bible (above), The New King James Version, The Amplified Bible, and The New Living Translation.

No email address was provided to respond. in the Bible. I agree with all you have said basically except “I” am not sure on your stand about the trinity.

You have: made him a little lower than the angels (elohim), and have crowned him with glory and honor.—Ps 8:5, ABRAHAM CALLED ELOHIM  Jan thank you so much for your reply.

It appears to me they are separate, distinct persons. Notice Acts 21:39 (AV), says, “But Paul said, Annelie - Thanks.

“I am ascending to my father and your father and to my God and to your God.”, John 14:28 Reslight – Thanks for this helpful addition of information to the study. They base everything on the Bible. Jesus is the son of God.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This Hebrew word ELOHIM is found in Ex 7:1 where Jehovah told Moses, “I have made you a god, You have: made him a little lower than the angels (elohim), and have crowned him with glory and honor.—Ps 8:5, And the children of Heth answered Abraham, saying to him, Hear us, my lord: you are a mighty (elohim) prince among us.—Ge 23:5,6, I have made you a god (elohim) to Pharaoh.—Ex 7:1, His master shall bring him to the judges ( elohim ).—Ex 21:6, Deut. The Greek word used to translate ELOHIM in Psalm 82:6 is not in the singular in John 10:34, but is in the plural — gods. Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield, The Person and Work of Christ, p. 53.

Comments Posts. That is an excellent questions! This is very true.


Jesus was born of a human and became the Son of man after emptying Himself and leaving Heaven and His glory.. ELOHIM, however, is not the only plural form that is used in the Old Testament as plural intensive. He is the only I Am and the Godhead. How Rutherford Consolidated Dictitorial Power, Pastor Russell Founded Bible Students, not JWs, Pastor Russell: Messenger of Millennial Hope, Studies in the Scriptures and other writings of Pastor Russell, Chinese Learning the Divine Plan of the Ages, Studies in Scriptures & Photodrama in 31 Languages, United Kingdom (England / Great Britan) Bible Students, Meet the Early Bible Students – J.F. If they TRULY worship the Father with spirit and truth, then they KNOW who Christ is as that spirit would confirm within them his identity. Note: This cannot mean that Jehovah (Yahweh) is the God of false gods.


And if Jesus is being called ELOHIM in Psalm 45:6, this would also mean that Jesus is ELOHIM.

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