To go with the people, in the same direction as they were going or turn around and go the other way A door opened at the end of the corridor No fear I awoke, separate from but fully aware of my body I BEcame FULL of JOY. Sign up to receive blogs (and newsletters) by e-mail, Free meditation and channellings downloads, Loves nature and wildlife. The theory is not a new one: Jesus spoke of the time when there would be two suns, and it is a part of the lore of the Mayans and the Hopi Indians. My name is Andreas (from Sweden) Wobbly The deeper spiritual significance is that the great Earth changes that are so widely anticipated will result in a profound shift in the consciousness of men and women everywhere, and the releasing of a surge of … I saw it through a window inside, but thought something wrong with window, distorted, and then I went outside! Can anybody help me figure it out? Gives way.

A lot of people there who I recognised from past and present I have been confused as I “saw” two Suns very clearly. I live in the Caribbean and could see the sun setting in the west as usual, but when I turned and ran towards the east, there was the sun also setting in the east. Thank you, Katie – and how interesting! And suddenly it's day again. I have been looking up this phenomena as I can’t get this strange experience out of my mind. I was “taken” on a journey Thanks for your insights. Making people believe the corridor (mind matrix) real

And the angels are starting to sing. More esoterically but for me as importantly is the description in the earliest spiritual scriptures of how the Planetary Great Creator, depicted as the Sun, is overshadowed by another and even more powerful deity, a second sun who one day will be known when humanity is ready.

The 2 sun that i saw was kinda close to each other as twin, it was during the day time like around 3-4pm during the time i step out to see those 2 sun not far nor too far from each other, the reason i can tell which is the real sun is because its a little bigger n brighter then the one a little beside it, but both were shining really bright.

I ask my mom but she doesnt know why either and she a shaoman spiritual person to. The wire that holds the cork. Required fields are marked *. We have lived in North Carolina, Hickory at the time. All in a dreamlike or hypnotised state but not knowing that I saw what i saw either , My mom is a shaoman a spiritual person but, ask for me i believe in Heavenly Father God, i dont know why so far out of all my friends and families im the only one nor person to capture the moment or seen 2 suns in my life time. Through the White noise (?)

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