I don’t doubt that some folks are truly making less. The average time to complete a delivery was 20 minutes 25 seconds prior to the change. Uber Eats is apparently capping the amount that they add to the expected pay at $8. I think the whole question of tipping as a societal thing is an important discussion. Tried it twice, both times took up 45 minutes of my time for the normal fare. Any idea what’s going on? It just involves putting more thought into the decision process. UberEats definitely has surge and I made a ton of money doing it during a blizzard last month. I know the ones that won’t pay much, so I know what to avoid. If Uber Eats were to pay you $4 themselves and the customer tipped $20, the offer is only going to show up as $12 ($4 plus the $8 cap). Of course, now that they changed to a less transparent pay model they could do that without anyone knowing. I’m going to try this next week and see what happens. That 45 minutes could've been spent in a boost or surge with 2-3 extra trips that may have counted toward a promo. Multiple pickups are common and it actually ends up costing customers time. The customer added a $6 tip before the delivery. So I focused more on shorter time and distance. His name is Abo. Tipping improved dramatically once they allowed customers to tip when placing the offer. If they think they’ll need more drivers, they increase the percent. I double the offered pay and that gives me maximum minutes. I really recommend at least 40 cents a minute. It has usually been a gamble with tips, but overall UE tips were much more! While this does sound like good news, you also get lower boosts if you drive both Uber and Uber Eats. So I’m wondering if that’s representative of what Uber Eats couriers as a whole are feeling.

The quality of Uber has been steadily declining for both consumers and employees. People aren’t changing the tip that often.

In my area, the number of pings went down the toilet along with the pay so I'm only getting about two runs an hour now...if I'm lucky. I have to sell my widgets for enough to cover all that and for it to make sense to do it. Uber Eats is not paying less with this new tip system. I believe so.

They see dollar amount and miles. Maybe because my experience has been exactly the opposite. News, People, Places, Events, Articles, and Discussions on Toronto; Canada's Business and Financial capital, and the Provincial capital of Ontario. Simple....please don't use UberEats. Well. I tried a little experiment.I declined all orders above $10 and declined all orders below $5. Yeah, I've been doing the same. You know the amount now. Before they were having to pay $8 sometimes on orders where you got a $20 tip. I'm homeless and dont have to pay rent so any amount within a 15 minute radius is usually $5-8 and I average around $500. Pay attention to how accurate that minute amount is on the offer screen and adjust accordingly. And I don’t owe you. Under the old system, the average tip was $4.18. So it’s earnings minus 25 cents a mile, and divide that total by hours on the delivery. The only reason they had to change it was to rip us off. It costs me so much for overhead.

So what Uber is gonna do is make doubles with a tipped and non-tipped order or require higher acceptance rate. With the old pay model, I could have got around $15 for this trip (considering I am Platinum partner). I've had someone tip ~ 3 weeks after the delivery. On top of that, they’ll add some incentives to get drivers out when they need drivers. And the ones you’ve always wanted to try. I haven’t seen it in 2 weeks now maybe 3. So the general fee that someone can earn has gone down from $6.50 to $5.40 a reduction of about 16%. In my experience, no.

And the thing is, so far comments are overwhelmingly against the new system. In that same time, average boost was 52¢. I’m in your exact area. Because I make more money doesn’t mean that pay overall has improved. Some are a full step up. I take nothing under $5.00, no long drives to pick up or drop off anything, and no McDonald's orders at all (they're almost always the 3.00 ones anyway, I ain't driving there and then waiting 20 minutes for 3.00 so that's kinda a win). With the new system, now that Uber Eats is showing the TOTAL expected pay, you know when an offer is a stinker. This is a lot like how Doordash uses a factor called Desirability. But UberEats staff at least - are completely fucked starting tomorrow. You can increase your chances of getting more delivery requests by signing in to both Uber and Uber Eats during rush hour and mealtimes. My price is 50 cents per minute. Being an Uber Eats delivery driver seems like a convenient side hustle — but is it really worth it? Now they are doing the same damn thing.What this makes me do is accept orders from Door Dash now before I accept an Uber Eats order. Thankfully I live in the core so walking and being connected to the PATH in the winter is a good thing. Now I know what an offer will pay.

The only time you consistently get more than what’s offered is on offers that are already high dollar amounts. Anytime a company goes to hiding information is to be a dick. Some other food delivery services in Toronto cover their workers under WSIB. Both were reduced in the deliveries I did under the new system. And all this while boosts and promos have been decreasing as things are slowing down. Then, the apologise profusely because they know a low rating will kill their score.

They don’t. Press J to jump to the feed. Hm, it's been pretty decent for me in Boston. What did WSIB's "doctors" say when they assessed your friends? My articles might get a comment or two. So I have since turned off Uber Eats in the app. I’m talking less than 5%, probably less than 2%. Just less than 2 months ago, we talked about Uber Eats starting to change things up in how they present delivery offers, on Episode 83. I worked chain store delivery before and currently work retail. It’s an empty, insincere gesture by Uber, and its execution is designed to all but guarantee you won’t be tipped. For those of you new to the Uber Eats pay model, I’ll quickly explain the two. I've contacted support twice in two weeks about it and it's a problem they're "currently working on". I'm around 400 lifetime deliveries for UberEats and my gut estimate is that about 1 in 10 people tip.

Are customers tipping less? UberEATS delivers the best food right when you want it. There has been no change in how customers tip. Is Uber Eats paying less?

Didn’t you see the drop-off location before you accepted? Before the new system the shortest delivery (lets say 15 mins) was 3 dollars flat. In 223 deliveries, I’ve had several that paid more than the offer. A $10 delivery has to be done in 20 minutes to be worth taking. There’s this guy. I ended up getting paid exactly $8.52. ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the uberdrivers community. UberEats - The only company that punishes you for working extra. It's a massively unethical company who exploits their partners who often do dangerous work for wages that go below the poverty line. It costs so much for the overhead. It's all about the area you are in. I’m okay with that. Also, I like the mental challenge of doing math on each order to determine if it is good order! Now I’m at roughly 8-10 an hour! With Uber Eats including the tip in the offer amount, average tip has been $6 even. We’ll say that their fee for the delivery is going to be $4. But after running with the new pay scale and the promotion it was like I was getting my normal pay… 60 orders with no tips seems possible but unlikely.

This is especially going to impact you if you take everything that they throw at you. Exactly the same is happening to me.

I am as quick as possible and cooperate with the customer with proper greeting and goodbye and always am at the place before the uber ETA. Under the old system, I relied a lot more on “reverse cherry picking.” Uber Eats pays much better for the additional time and distance for longer deliveries. As someone who has worked as an UberEats partner/contractor I find the pay slash completely despicable and unethical. Okay, great, you take it. Think of it like UberPool. From $9.83 per delivery to $10.62, all while the Uber Eats portion of my pay was reduced by 18%. I now have no favorite app to deliver from. Because a no tip delivery might get offered a dozen times and rejected a dozen times, it’s still hanging out there longer. It's like getting a small bonus. Deleting their tip is far more likely to happen even though you’re trying your best, sometimes delays, things missing, etc are simply out of your control. the only people that make money off of Uber Eats are teenagers living with their parents, having their car/gas/insurance expenses paid by their mommy and daddy. Recently, i've noticed drivers making comments about how "it used to be good, now there are so many drivers that it's gotten bad", or talking about how the pay is worse, or other complaints about the company.

Lakeview, Northside. Being one where bills are minimalized it makes no difference. The portion of my pay that came from Uber Eats did drop substantially. I know you won’t get it if you’re not setting a minimum. Legally protect yourself and your business, with Bryant Greenling of LegalRideshare.com.

Thanks for letting me know. Not as much as the Uber X drivers do. I can’t force people to buy widgets at my price. I hit the start delivery button to find out that I have to drive 11 miles to the customer and it takes roughly 20 minutes. So why is that happening? They don’t include the tip in the earnings because they do give the customer an hour to add or subtract from (or delete) the tip. Thanks! Not as much as the Uber X drivers do. Rides only, no delivery. You might hit streaks where you make like $15 on 10 deliveries and other streaks where you go 15 deliveries with 0 tips. Well they have a boost promo this week for 1.3x from 10pm to 4am everyday. I would expect that because time and distance are factored into that base pay. The customers are not tipping less or more either.

What that means is, any offer you receive has a higher percentage of being a stinker. You gotta come to the city if you wanna make money.

I do believe that a higher percentage of delivery offers that you see on your phone are lower paying. If it's really slow GH will pay the best because of the hourly minimum. Amazon Flex. Then they include what they call a trip supplement.

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