6226 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic. MOSs suitable for assignment as primary for limited duty officers. NMOS 7544 prerequisites PMOS 7509, 7518, 7523, 7525, 7563, 7565, or 8042. All enlisted and officer Marines are assigned a four-digit code denoting their primary occupational field and specialty. NMOS prerequisites MOS 0302, 0306, 0802, 1302, 1802, or 1803. "), 2805 Data/Communications Maintenance Officer, 3043 Supply Administration and Operations Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 3100 Basic Distribution Management Marine – SSgt–Pvt, 3112 Distribution Management Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 3372 Marine Aide-enlisted aide to General and Flag officers, 3408 Financial Management Resource Officer, 3523 Vehicle Recovery Mechanic – Sgt – Pfc, 3529 Motor Transport Maintenance Chief – MGySgt–SSgt, 3533 Logistics Vehicle Systems Operator – Sgt–Pvt, 3537 Motor Transport Operations Chief – MGySgt–SSgt, 4066 Small Computer Systems Specialist (SCSS), 4100 Basic Marine Corps Community Services Marine – SSgt–Sgt, 4130 Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Officer, 4421 Legal Services Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 4417 Master of Cyber, Intelligence, and Information Law (NMOS 4402), 4500 Basic Communication Strategy & Operations Marine – Sgt–Pvt, 4512 Combat Graphics Specialist – Sgt–Pvt, 4591 Communication and Strategy Operations Chief – MGySgt–SSgt, Basic Communication Strategy & Operations Officer, 4502 Communication Strategy & Operations Officer, 4503 Visual Information Officer (PMOS) – Capt–WO, 4802 Recruiting Officer, Operational Expert (FMOS), 4803 Recruiting Officer, Officer Procurement Expert (FMOS), 4804 Recruiting Officer, Multiple Tour Expert, 5506 Staff Officer, The President's U.S. Own Marine Band, 5507 U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps Officer, 5711 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 5769 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Chief - MGySgt - SSgt, 5702 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Officer, 5821 Criminal Investigator CID Agent – MGySgt–Sgt, 5831 Correctional Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 5801 Basic Military Police and Corrections Officer, 5900 Basic Electronics Maintenance Marine, 5939 Aviation Communication Systems Technician (AVCOMMSYSTECH) – MSgt–Pvt, 5941 Aviation Primary Surveillance Radar Repair Man – MSgt–Pvt, 5942 Aviation Radar Repairer – Sgt–Pvt (Deleted - merged into MOS 5948), 5951 Aviation Meteorological Equipment Technician, OMA/IMA, 5953 Air Traffic Control Radar Technician – GySgt–Pvt, 5954 Air Traffic Control Communications Technician – GySgt–Pvt, 5959 Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Chief – MGySgt-MSgt, 5962 Tactical Data Systems Equipment (TDSE) Repairer – Sgt–Pvt, 5974 Tactical Data Systems Administrator (TDSA) – MSgt–Pvt, 5979 Tactical Air Operations Module/Air Defense Technician – MSgt–Pvt, 5993 Electronics Maintenance Chief – MGySgt, 5902 Electronics Maintenance Officer Aviation Command and Control (C2), 5910 Aviation Radar System Maintenance Officer, 5950 Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Officer, 5970 Tactical Data Systems Maintenance Officer, 6012 Aviation Maintenance Controller/Production Controller, 6016 Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI) - MGySgt-Cpl, 6019 Aircraft Maintenance Chief – MGySgt-MSgt, 6033 Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician, 6042 Individual Material Readiness List (IMRL) Asset Manager – MGySgt–Pvt, 6046 Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialist – MGySgt–Pvt, 6048 Flight Equipment Technician – GySgt–Pvt (Formerly MOS 6060), 6062 Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic – GySgt–Pvt, 6071 Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (SE) Mechanic-Trainee – GySgt–Pvt, 6073 Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (SE) Electrician/Refrigeration Mechanic – GySgt–Pvt, 6091 Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic-Trainee – GySgt–Pvt, 6092 Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic – GySgt–Pvt, 6132 Helicopter/Tiltrotor Dynamic Components Mechanic – GySgt–Pvt, 6152 Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-46 – GySgt–Pvt, 6153 Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-53 – GySgt–Pvt, 6154 Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, UH/AH-1 – GySgt–Pvt, 6156 Tiltrotor Airframe Mechanic, MV-22 – GySgt–Pvt, 6177 Weapons and Tactics Crew Chief Instructor, 6218 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F35B - GySgt-Pvt. For example, warrant officers who want to qualify for MOS 153A must meet the following eligibility criteria: Warrant officer requirements depend on the specialty area. Click on the following flyers for the basic requirements for each program: For more information and complete requirements, read the E-O Order and current fiscal year board announcement MARADMIN. Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer: 3529: Motor Transport Maintenance Chief * 915A … Current and former clients include The HOTH, Bisnode Sverige, Nutracelle, CLICK - The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink, InstaCuppa, Marketgoo, GoHarvey, Internet Brands, and more. Non-PMOSs will not be associated in current service records with General Officers and Colonels, with the exception of MOSs 822X/824X Foreign Area Officers and Regional Affairs Officers. 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