And this is especially important in recovery from an eating disorder. Exposing vegan clients to the same commonly “unsafe” foods provides more opportunities to discern the overlap between eating disorder and veganism, and prepares the client for life back in the real world. Plant based foods like fruit and vegetables are often ‘safe foods’ for those with eating disorders, and eating a large quantity of these low energy foods can mean that eating disorder sufferers can get away with eating a seemingly ‘normal’ amount of food whilst remaining underweight, and very rigid and disordered in their eating habits and thoughts towards food.

I do eat meat occasionally now, even though I genuinely prefer to eat vegan or vegetarian. Eating a variety of foods is an important challenge for.

Why? For some clients, it may be appropriate to challenge them to occasionally eat vegetarian food options to prepare for these situations when a choice between restriction or recovery must be made. You can easily choose more energy-dense foods, adding extra healthy fats like nut butters, avocado and olive oil, adding extra snacks and desserts, having smoothies, juices and nut milks, adding dressings and sauces, and choosing more processed foods like breads, pastas, wraps and granola bars etc etc. Still have questions? I gained 30 pounds fast after being skinny my whole life?

Use that as motivation to recover and to be able make your own decisions regarding your food choices - food choices that come from a place of self love and compassion for both yourself and others, not restriction! For other clients, those who are ethical vegans and the eating disorder has its own roots and motivations, we help them prepare for these social situations by providing opportunities to plan ahead and bring an appropriate amount of nourishment, in both quantity and variety, with them. Many doctors don't "allow" their anorexic patients to be vegan. It places dietary restrictions on you, giving you a set of rules, labels and ‘excuses’ to refuse certain foods. Important differentiations can be assessed by the treatment team through questions about when the eating disorder behaviors/beliefs began and when the vegan practices began. Here are a few questions from our eating disorder assessment that you can adapt to use with vegan clients in an outpatient setting: We believe these questions empower clients to begin discovering where the eating disorder beliefs overlap with their vegan beliefs. its free and although it has a bit of a learning curve it really can help to make weekly meal plans, shopping lists and it does the best job of tracking nutrients. As clients retake these assessment questions over the course of treatment and participate in the therapeutic process built on trust in their treatment team, the behaviors that are either separate or enmeshed become more apparent. Can you guys make a meal plan for me that follows the criteria I'm about to tell you (please serious answers only). Our chefs prepare fresh meals for all of our clients at our residential programs, and our “Taste of Alsana” menus incorporate a wide variety of fresh foods creatively prepared from scratch with very limited use of pre-made convenience products, whether cooking for an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan. if you like that kind of thing. The vegan/vegetarian controversy is a huge one in eating disorder recovery. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If you have a client that may need a higher level of care while remaining vegan, please fill out this form to get support from our team.

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